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Date: Sat Jul 8 11:54:05 2006
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NWA 2945 I have 1,500 grams left for close out at $1/g or in lots of
 500gams for $400 plus shipping .
Specimens range from 50 to 100 g in size this is all that is left .
Let me know as soon as possible and I will reserve material for you .

Thank You Ken Regelman
Astronomical Research Network

I also have a new Howardite just being classified by Ted Bunch of NAU .
 The O/I results just came in as a new Howardite Not parried !
If you are interested in a slice or the main mass please Email me .
Looking for a Great specimen of Eagles Nest type Brachanite
 I have a wonderful 1.2g crusted part slice ......

NWA 2945
Found 2005mesosiderite
10 Kg largest mass 1080g
Description and (paired with NWA 2923 per T. Bunch of NAU )
classification (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): a fine-grained (<0.5 mm)
matrix that consists of brecciated and partially recrystallized
subophitic to granular basalts and encloses larger (up to 2.5 mm)
subrounded to subangular olivine (Fa28) and pigeonite (Fs31Wo5.4;
Cr2O3 = 0.87 and Al2O3 = 1.28 wt %; FeO/MnO = 25.7) that rarely shows twinning.
These cataclastic basalts contain unusually calcic plagioclase
(An99.3) with little FeO (<0.04 wt %); highly twinned pigeonite
is compositional similar to the much larger clast pigeonite (Fs32Wo5.7),
but with very little Cr2O3 and Al2O3; merrilite is also present.
Metal (Ni = 6.6 wt % ) is irregular in shape and typically
< 2 mm in size with the exceptions of metal aggregates and rare,
cm sized metal nuggets with included pigeonite and cataclastic matrix.
Weathering grade is variable and dependent on the specimen size.
Purchased in Morocco by the Astronomical Research Network
Specimen : type sample 20g , NAU: ARN 10 Kg
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