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Date: Sat Feb 25 17:20:52 2006
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Hello Larry,
Here's the updated info on the meteorites that have been officially
recognized from the Franconia area. There are likely some others that are
being worked on by institutions but have not yet been made official.

Franconia - H5, 100KG - the original find - listed in the Met. Bulletin
with a recovered weight of 100KG, but talking with just the folks I know
the correct weight is probably more than double that.

Palo Verde Mine - L6, 9.16KG. More of this material was undoubtedly
recovered but the finders haven't recognized it.

Buck Mountain Wash - H3-5, 798g.

SaW001 - H4, 98.9g
SaW002 - H4, 893g
SaW003 - H4, 89.2g
All of the above are distinct, different meteorites. The abbreviation SaW
stands for Sacremento Wash. These three stones were found in such close
proximity to each other, the Nomenclature Committee decided to use this
naming convention.

Warm Springs Wilderness - H4-6, 156.9g

This makes a current total of seven (7) different meteorites that have come
out of the Franconia area. Those of you who have found specimens in this
strewnfield might want to take a closer look at them. Who knows, you might
have something different than the original Franconia.

For more detailed information on these Arizona Meteorites and others,
follow this link to the Meteoritical Society Database.



John Gwilliam

At 10:07 AM 2/25/2006, Thetoprok_at_aol.com wrote:

>Hello List,
>I recently spent four days in the Franconia strewn field. I didn't find very
>many but I had a great time camping and enjoying the desert experience. I
>sacrificed the first day to hunting the extreme south end of the field in
>search of something big. I knew there was a slim chance of finding the
>mother load
>but hey, I had to try! I spent the second, third and fourth day hunting in
>the area where the possible L chondrites have been found. I recovered
>H's and little irons last April and I wanted to add the L's to my
>collection. I found three of them, one each day, talk about tough
>hunting! I'm sure
>there is still a lot of material out there but it doesn't come easy. The
>I found were rather small, 42.88 grams, 22 grams and 20.46g's.
>My question is about this other material, the possible L chondrites. Does
>anyone know if these are indeed L's? If so, how much of this stuff has been
>found out there? Also, has any work been done to verify this is a different
>fall? I do believe the irons are from the same fall as the H chondrites
>but I'm
>not sure about this other stuff, they look a little fresher.
>Any info is appreciated.
>Larry Atkins
>IMCA # 1941
>"Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness ."
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