Re-3: [meteorite-list] Best ALH84001 Meteorite Book

Date: Mon Feb 20 11:45:08 2006
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Hello list,

(Subliminal Message: I like thin sections)

Jim Strope noted: "Why bother dreaming about ALH84001 when you can have the
next best thing.......NWA 998 ( ):"

(Subliminal Message: Thin sections are fun to collect)

Bernd replied: "It's a meteorite that will leave you breathless and the 16x
thin section picture I took under crossed polars rivals the colors you see
when viewing ureilites, angrites, acapulcoites, and other achondritic
beauties with polars crossed."

(Subliminal Message: I want to collect Thin sections.)

NWA 998 is one of my favorite meteorite thin sections. (It was my favorite,
but now I think I like my D'Orbigney better.) A few old and not that great
photographs of the meteorite thin section can be seen here.

(Subliminal Message: I am going to buy Thin sections.)

Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick
Received on Mon 20 Feb 2006 11:44:53 AM PST

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