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Date: Mon Feb 20 11:36:14 2006
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Hi Mark and List,

>the better I have read is "The Hunt For Life on Mars"

I agree. I have not seen the book Dr. Gibeon mentioned but The Hunt for
Life on Mars is a very understandable and good read.

It is also part of a 10 meteorite-related book set I have now on ebay (sorry
for the piggy-back, Mark :-)

-Walter Branch

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> Hello List,
> I have not read that many of the dozen or more books on ALH84001. Having
> noted that, the better I have read is "The Hunt For Life on Mars", where
> writer uses a playful court like setting to defend and argue against the
> case for life in ALH84001. However, since I have not read many of them I
> feel my opinion is very limited and therefore I asked NASA scientist
> Gibson, one of the many people involved with this meteorite that last 10
> years, and perhaps the second most involved person with this meteorite,
> he thought the best book on ALH84001 is, and if I could share his
> which are presented below.
> "The best book on the ALH84001 meteorite was published February 14, 2006
> is officially released tomorrow, Feb. 21, 2006. The book is written by
> Sawyer, Senior Science writer for the Washington Post. Our team assisted
> Kathy with the book but withheld some of the more interesting information.
> The title, is "THE ROCK FROM MARS: A Detective Story from Two Planets". (I
> believe that is the title. ) The book is published by Random House. It is
> over 400 pages long and I believe it sells for around $29.95. The book is
> available in most of the Barnes and Noble along with Borders book stores
> because of its recent release. The book is not the final story (that must
> wait until I write my book) but it comes very close to telling what went
> during our research and the unbelievable things occurring behind the
> at the White House and with the Journal SCIENCE. We were simply carried
> along and had zero control of the actions going on after we had the
> manuscript accepted by SCIENCE. Everett"
> On a background notes on who Everett Gibson is. It was from Gibson's safe
> that the lunar rock was stolen from a few years ago (actually they took
> whole safe) and he is the person that brought the Monohans meteorite to
> after it fell. That is kind of brief, but both have been former list
> topics.
> Clear Skies,
> Mark Bostick
> www.meteoritearticles.com
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