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From: Jim Strope <>
Date: Mon Feb 20 10:59:43 2006
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Why bother dreaming about ALH84001 when you can have the next best
thing.......NWA 998 ( ):

"NWA 998 is also described as containing ankeritic carbonates. One other
meteorite has been described in this manner --- ALH84001, the most famous
Martian Meteorite in the world, which is at the center of the life on mars
controversy. ALH84001 was discovered in Antarctic in 1984. In August 1996
a team of scientists announced that they believe they found evidence of
ancient microbacterial life in ALH84001. The debate still rages today,
seven years after the stunning announcement. Because of this stunning
theory, Mars is the hottest area of interest in the solar system and
un-manned probes are currently enroute.
Another scientifically important discovery with NWA 998 is the presence of
water bearing minerals within the meteorite. This discovery strengthens
the theory that Mars was once a wet planet capable of supporting life. The
other Nakhlites have evidence of being altered by flowing water but only NWA
998 contains these water bearing minerals."

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> Hello Martion and list,
> Martin asked, "It would be interesting to know, how collectors & dealers
> would estimate a
> gram price for ALH84001 if it would be available."
> I would think ALH84001, would be worth more then any other meteorite for
> several reasons. 100 or so front page newspaper articles the last few
> years, its a planetary meteorite and even more important, there is the
> strong possibility the rock has fossils in it. The latter still being
> debated, but the people working on the meteorite have proven that the
> meteorite has a wet history and to sum it up, that those fossils should be
> there. So what should it retail at?
> First that would depend on how much made it to market. If we can assume
> that 20 grams, were sold off to collectors, to help fund NASA's space
> plane they will be building someday, then I would guestimate $10,000 a
> gram.
> clear skies today,
> Mark Bostick
> Wichita, Kansas
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