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Paper: The Ohio Democrat
City: New Philadelphia, Ohio
Date: Thursday, January 11, 1877
Page: 2 (of 4)

That Meteor.

     Many persons were fortunate in seeing the splendid meteor that shot
across the northern heavens at about 9 o'clock on the evening of Dec. 21st,
1876. The most glowing description of the phenomena we have seen was
furnished by Mr. Charles F. Smith, of Tanktown, Delaware county, Ohio, to
the Cincinnati Times, from which we make the following extract:
     On the evening of December 21, at about 9 o'clock, while returning from
a prayer meeting at Tanktown, Delaware County, Ohio. I stopped to looked
after my sheep, which were in the wrong field, and while facing the west,
saw a large bright light burst out from behind the clouds and move rapidly
in the north-easterly direction. The moon was shining bright in the
south-western sky. My first thought was, that this was the moon, but ht
next instant I saw that there were several lights, somewhat resembling our
modern sky-rockets. As they came near they looked larger and shone
brighter, each seeming to excel the other in beauty and grandeur. I stood
gazing with admiration upon these heavenly travelers, estimating their
number at forty. The foremost one appeared the largest, the others varied
in size, and as they got opposite or north of me I had a grand view of them.
  They seemed to be scattered promiseously, like a flock of birds all going
in the same direction, and strung out apparently for half a mile. Some of
them were white, some red, and some blue, and one or two of them seemed to
have a trail, like a banner of flame, and as they darted behind the
scattering clouds, seemed to go out, but on they grandly moved, glittering
in their shining garments, each shedding, as it were, sparks of fire. I
expected to see some of them go out, but all seemed to go on, each one
maintaining its position on its heavenly journey, and on and on they went
till they disappeared behind the distant eastern clouds. A number of
persons in this neighborhood saw those lights, and all say that they never
saw such a grand sight before. I could never tell whether these lights were
only a few miles away, or whether they were thousands of miles away; whether
they were a flock of meteors or a system or worlds traveling through the
illimitable space, or whether it was a multitude of heavenly host, clothed
in their glittering garments, taking a hasty bird's eye view of our country.
  I have witnessed several earthly fireworks, but this was the grandest and
most magnificent scene I ever beheld.


Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick
Wichita, Kansas


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