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Paper: The Edwardsville Intelligencer
City: Edwardsville, Illinois
Date: Wednesday, January 3, 1877
Page: 2 (of 4)


     A REMARKABLE meteoric phenomenon was witnessed in portions of Kansas,
Northern Missouri, Southern Iowa, Central Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, on the
evening of the 21st. A brilliant meteor moved across the sky, resembling a
comet with a long and luminous tail. It moved rapidly and exploded with a
loud report, in some places, being apparently split up into innumerable


Paper: The Athens Messenger
City: Athens, Ohio
Date: Thursday Morning, January 4, 1877
Page: 5 (of 8)

     - A correspondent thus refers to the late extraordinary meteor as seen
in Rome township and of which mention was made in last week's MESSENGER: At
nine o'clock P,M., on the night of Thursday the 21st of Dec., Mr. Weils
Grubb and family and others saw balls of fire, apparently rising from the
hilltop, on lands owned by Joseph Patterson in Rome Township, Athens County,
Ohio, which passed from West to East, the velocity of which was about the
same as a flock of birds flying. They state that the number of balls were
about 25 or 30, and were from two to four inches in diameter. They emitted
sparks similar to iron when heated to a white heat. All concede it to be a
very singular phenomenon.


Paper: The Indiana Progress
City: Indiana, Pennsylvania
Date: Thursday, January 4, 1877
Page: 4 (of 8)

     Illinois has been visited by a meteor and the Chicago papers are full
of stories about it. In Pontiac its light was so intense that people rushed
into the streets, thinking the city was in flames. There was a rumbling
noise, buildings were shaken and the impenitent fell upon their knees,
thinking that the day of judgment had come. At La Salle there was the light
of day for a few minutes, although night was considerably advanced. At
Nakeoki it appeared as three balls with a fiery trail and from Jacksonville
it was seen to burst into a dozen blazing fragments. Passing over
Champaigne it continually dropped fire. at Clifton the accompanying
detonation was like that of heavy artillery. All accounts agree as to the
swiftness of the meteor's passage from west to east, the brilliancy of the
illumination, and the severity of the explosion. Chicago astronomers are
instituting inquiries as to the characteristics of the phenomenon.
     This meteor was seen by several of the citizens of this place, parties
residing near Salisburg, and also in Allegheny county.


Paper: Hornellsville Tribune
City: Hornellsville, New York
Date: Friday, January 5, 1877
Page: 4 (of 4)

     From a comparison of descriptions given, the Chicago Tribune concluded
that the following is an approximate statement of the path pursued by the
meteorite of Thursday night. From some point southwest by wet of Lawrence,
Kan., to Miami county, on the eastern border of that state; across Missouri,
from Cass to Marion counties; across Illinois; from Adams to Iroquois
counties; across Indiana, from the southern portion of Newton County to Fort
Wayne, Allen county, from there across Ohio to the southern point of Lake
Erie, and over the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania into New York state.
The distance was nearly 1,000 miles; the time at Chicago about 8h. 35m.
P.M., of Dec. 21, 1876; the height above the earth's surface some 75 miles
when over Kansas, to 40 miles when over Ohio.


Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick
Wichita, Kansas


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