[meteorite-list] Adam's NWA 2989 Acapulcoite

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Feb 14 21:11:49 2006
Message-ID: <20060215021147.99351.qmail_at_web31507.mail.mud.yahoo.com>

See John, The world works like this.
Meteorite Rule #1 - The Hupes make the rules
Meteorite Rule #2 - Rules can chage to suit the Hupes
(But nobody elses) needs as the situation arises.
In this case it is in Adam's interest to say the TKW
is only 77 grams. And if somebody complains about
using his NWA number for other items he can quote
gospel, some scientist, improper behavior, the back of
a budwiser label, or whatever else is necessary to
make you stop trying to say that the items is paired.
This works wither he is selling something rare or an
obvious NWA869 pairing like NWA904.
However (See rule #2) if Adam wants to interfere with
somebody elses sale (Like two weeks ago just before
Tucson) then all of a sudden everything gets paired.
Then comes rule #3.
When Adam can no longer support his ideas that get
attacked using logic and common sense he can cry and
go home and say that "He wont post anymore" and start
attacking the other persons character. Like in his
past threads that he has - remember how two weeks ago
he quoted Ted Bunch as supporting him and then after I
told him to clarify Ted Bunches concerns Adam says
that I am not making sense and he has no idea what I
am talking about? And we never did get Ted Bunches
concerns like Adam indicated because before he told us
what he was talking about he started to cry and went
home - Just after he made derogatory references to me
that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.
This whole thing about pairings and the scientific
rules is nothing more than a sad case of "My
meteorites are better than your meteorites" marketing
using the "Holier than thau" excuse (See Rule #1)).
I realize John started this particular thread but it
was only because Adam likes interfering with everybody
elses sales and its simply payback time. All John is
doing in informing everybody that Adam's meteorite has
a TKW of 7.5 kilos and not 77 grams. For somebody
always preeching that he is Holier than thau all the
time it is simply another example of adam playing the
side of the fence that happens to suit him on any
particular day.



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