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Comparatively, we all know about the bs high price of diamonds, thanks to De

(I think Dean Bessey deserves a tip of the hat, too, for affordable

An old Canadian saying: There is no such thing as an ugly meteorite; there
are only ugly people.


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Ho Steevey,

it's very simple. Not the tkw makes the price, the availability does.
Read your Kichinka! (Don't tell me, you haven't bought his book yet!)
Why Esquel is still the king? Because of its beauty? Or its stability?
No. Because it's mainly a single large mass and the owner was clever enough
to sell it slowly.
Is Brahin or Seymchan crap? No. It is as good or bad as many of the other
pallasites in the 20-40$/g range
and they are going only at half of the price of an horrible old Gold Basin,
because the Russians are the collectors' best friends and the prices are
only so low, because they pumped 4 times more specimens into "market" in
only a few years as there are collectors. If they would have listed only the
twentieth part of the material they sold on ebay and on shows, they'd have
had more lifetime and the same revenues,
and Steve Chicago would have to pay for Brahin or Seymchan 15$/g or more.
Fukang is one single large mass (I saw a pic, impressive!!) and if the owner
won't be so altruistic like the Russians, Steve, than you never will get it
at a Brahin or even at a Brenham price.
Time to celebrate our heroes!
A toast on Serge Afanasjev, a toast on Ivan Koutyriev, a toast on Andrei
Andrejewitch Anderson Andreew!!
And more respect from the collectors for them as they achieved to make
available with their ebay orgies the fanciest stuff even to the collector
with the lowest budget.
They brought there down the price of
- Richfield from 25-40$/g to 1$
- Kainsaz from 45-150$/g to 2.5$
- Dronino from 4$ to 0.1
- Vengerovo would have been good for 20-25$/g --> 2.5$
- Dho 007 from 25-40$ to 1.5$
- Moon from 3500-5000$ to 500$ and three times they achieved the historical
world record with 100$-150$ for 1g- slices
- Brahin from 6-10$ (and before 20$) to 0.3$
- Seymchan from unavailable to 0.3$
- Chinga from 2.5$ to 0.3$
- Dho-Mars, where you have to pay now 500$/g+, they got 100$
- Tsarev from 2.5$ to 0.4$
- Markovka from 3$ to 0.6$
- Polujamki from 3$ to 0.4$
- Classified Dho-OCs with all find data 100$/kg, hence lower than many
unclassified NWA-orphans.
- Ghubara from 1.5$ to 0.2$
- Muonionalusta from 6$ (after the new finds, before - better not ask) to
- Morasko from 2.5$ to 0.4$
- Sikhote-Alin! Without their help you'd pay 5$ and more.
- and currently they work hard to bring for you the unavailable Budulan MES
under the level of an old Vaca Muerta!

I can understand, that many US-dealers on this list recieve rare reviews and
are ehthusiastically praised,
what I don't understand, is ,that I never heard a paean of praise here for
the Russians, who should be the true heroes of each collector!


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> Well after all the emails.After all the mention of looking for a piece of
> this meteorite,I came home with none.There were 4 meteorite dealers who
> had it forsale.They were selling it for between $12 and $20 a gram.And
> after hearing all the stories about it,there is ALOT of this stuff to go
> around.Bud eisler,mike farmer,Ann black,all had some forsale.But like I
> also heard,after a few months it will be lower than $10 a gram.The market
> will be flooded with this meteorite.But if you have not seen it,it is
> beautiful.It has the largest olivine crystals I have even seen.Esquel is
> still the king.Some fukang someday.But not today.I will just enjoy my new
> haag pieces.
> Steve Arnold,Chicago
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