[meteorite-list] Octahedrite formation and Mars

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Date: Thu Oct 28 19:16:03 2004
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Hello Thomas and All,

Actually, I would suspect the earth does not YET have a Widmanstatten patterned core since the crystal formation is a solid state creation once the iron has solidified (cooled below the melting point) of which I believe the earth's core is still liquid.

Just my thoughts. Maybe the MESSENGER mission to Mercury (which is 60-65 percent core) will shed more light on this topic.



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Subject: RE: [meteorite-list] Octahedrite formation and Mars

> Yes, and in the core of our earth there are Widmanstaetten pattern
> too.Unfortunately, we will never dig it out :-)
> Regards,
> Thomas, California.
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Octahedrite formation and Mars
> I was just reading Meteorites and the Origin of Planets, by John
> A. Wood.
> In it, I found a statement that octahedrites are formed by
> exceptionally
> slow cooling over millions of years, such as might be found in the
> insulated
> center of a planetoid. We already know that Mars has a very weak
> magnetic
> field and negligible vulcanism, leading some scientists to believe
> that its
> core has largely cooled. Might this mean that, if we were able to
> extract a
> chunk of Martian core, it would exhibit an octahedral pattern?
> Anyone care
> to speculate on the nickel content of the Martian core?
> Mars is one big Wiedmanstatten pattern!
> Tracy Latimer
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