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From: Bernhard Rems <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 14:51:22 2004
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I would suggest a place without umpah-music, where we can talk :-)

Bernhard (der umpah-music absolut nicht gern hat)

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Yes, please?

I'll take a look in some days.
I'm so broke, that I'll be able only to test two other places - or
who wants to by a meteorite? My paypal address for donations for dinner
tests is....

Anyway, as it should be located in the very city center, there is no big
Many rip-off places, no good beer.
Unfortunately there is no other place than Hofbraeuhaus with
 it's a kind of spooky place for japaneese tourists, which travel to
having in mind Heine, Goethe, Beethoven, Wagner, Ludwig II. and then
are brought there to see the Australians drinking beer.
Beer is good. From the beers brewed in Munich Augustiner and Hofbraeu
the best. Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, Loewenbraeu are more for the
Food is very bad in Hofbraeuhaus.
But Dean & Mike are looking like they would eat everything and we will
be in
Munich because we love stones and beer.
Problem, reservation in Hofbraeuhaus is possible only in some separate
rooms, where you can't hear the umpah-music, which is playing in the
hall, called "Schwemme".
don't know the translation at the moment, has the same etymology as to
Beer causes you to visit the restrooms frequently and in former times
male guests fear to loose their places on the tables. So they let it
along their canes onto the floor.
Meanwhile we have electricity, democracy and are living in houses.

Second possibility, the "Augustiner" also in the central pedestial zone.
Good beer, better food, no umpah music.

Third is one also very centrally situated. Good beer, good food, no
But crowned by an independed testing agency to have the best roasted
knuckles of porc.
The results of the porc-knuckle-test you'll find here:

Anyway, Hofbraeuhaus is fun. Eat before, than it's cheaper and better.
tourists like it and you don't have to visit the dependance in Vegas


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Subject: the MUNICH checkpoint

Dear members,

this means especially Annie Black, Dean Bessey, Mike Farmer, etc...(the
overseas meteorite freaks ;))
as well as all other members who read this message and will be at the
show :

As there was Dean's idea to "party in Munich" (maybe Hofbr?uhaus).
We (Hanno Strufe and me) suggest following:

We all will have a checkpoint on friday 29th October at 12:00 hr in the
front of
Eric Haiderer's table, which is located in hall A4 table number 519.

There we will meet all together at once and then we will decide what we
in the evening in Munich.
I think Martin Altmann will have good advices where good places are in
and maybe he will help us getting a reservation or with the way how to
Martin ????

This is an opportunity for most of us meteorite people, to meet many
in person.
Many already know each other, but there are for sure many names that
have a face then.

So all who will be there,
we are looking forward to meet you again or meet you for the first time

All the best from the Austrian-German-Connection ;)

Christian and Hanno

IMCA #2673

Christian Anger
Korngasse 6
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg


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