[meteorite-list] Introducing NWA 3133, A Fantastic New Meteorite

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Date: Wed Oct 13 22:26:34 2004
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Hello all,

Adam wrote:

"NWA 3133 was first thought to be either a brachinite or a recrystallized
chondrite prompting the two laboratories, Northern Arizona University and
the University of Washington, to seek oxygen isotope testing, a way to
determine its final classification."

Stan wrote about a possible pairing to NWA 1839.

After all this I was curious enough to take a look at NWA 1839...both a small slice I have of it, and the slices available on the net at http://www.polandmet.com/_nwa1839.htm

I know the first rule of comparing meteorites...that is, not to compare by looks alone...but it sure looks to me like NWA 1839 has the appearance of the auction pieces of NWA 3133.

NWA 1839 was classified by NAU as a L7 recrystalized chondrite ...and at first glance it looks like a dark achondrite(ie.brachinite). I'll be curious to see how this turns out, and if indeed they are the same.

Question...since we know the mineral composition percentages of NWA 1839, would it be asking too much to publish the same findings for NWA 3133...for comparison, or will only the oxygen isotope values really be the litmus test for pairing these two, and/or other stones that come along. Does NAU have an opinion yet? Are they looking into it(NWA 1839) again? Were isotopes previously measured for NWA 1839 ?

Since I/we have pieces of NWA 1839 out there...I/we would really like to know.

As usual...curious,


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> Hi Stan and List,
> This is not a basaltic achondrite and plots clear out in the CV range not
> the CR range like NWA 011. It is nothing like NWA 011 as you announced your
> specimen closely matched the other night. This shows the importance of
> having scientific documentation to back up every piece you offer. Oxygen
> isotopes have been plotted for every specimen of NWA 3133 we plan on selling
> so you can be absolutely sure we are offering the real McCoy.
> This is nothing like what you announced the other night. NWA 1839 you
> mention is listed as an L7 and weighs 127 grams so I do not have any idea
> what you are talking about. Is your piece paired to an L7, NWA 011 or our
> Piece? How can one specimen change identities three times. My suggestion
> is to have your specimen analyzed by proper laboratories, get an NWA number
> and have the NomCom approve it. This is why proper channels are so
> important. If your piece is paired with NWA 011 I would still be interested
> in acquiring a sizable specimen.
> Kind Regards,
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> > >"Am I jaded or what? I'm ignoring two new pieces of Mars and getting so
> > >worked up over pieces of a probably long-destroyed planetary body that
> may
> > >never be found in space. But I can guarantee the deepest interest in an
> > >isotope map of its extreme range of heterogeneity and, maybe a new
> advance
> > >in understanding the inner workings of small planets!"
> >
> >
> > Adam,
> >
> > This is the same stuff that I had offered the list this weekend - i dont
> > know why i was told it ploted on the CR line instead of CV - maybe it's
> just
> > my damn bad memory as i was informed on the telephone... mine is
> > reclassified nwa1839 - so we WERE tlaking about the same stuff.
> >
> > Guess i'm not going to have anything to trade that slice of pena blanca
> > springs out of you - unless maybe you would be interested in a slice of
> > polymict ureilite about as big as a dollar bill - just out of curiosity -
> > how much would you want for it on a straight cash deal?
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