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Date: Sat Oct 9 16:11:26 2004
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> Today, October 9, 2004, is the twelfth anniversary of the infamous
> collision between Michelle Knapp's Chevy Malibu (now known the
> world over as "The Peekskill Meteorite Car") and a 12.3 kg stone
> meteorite.

.. and soon after an invoice / special quotation dated February 12, 1993
arrived here from Anacortes, Washington, with the following details:

Olivine Bronzite Chondrite, Peekskill, New York
Type: Brecciated H5 or H6
Total Known Weight: 12.3 kg
Fell October 09, 1992

Choice light gray polished partial slice with
rich black fusion crust along the outer edge.

Size: 40 x 35 x 5 mm / Weight: 13.3 grams

Well, I think I don't have to tell the insiders here who this choice
Peekskill slice was from. There is only one true gentleman in the
world of meteorites who chose to describe the meteorites he offered
in such a unique, unmistakable way.

Best wishes,

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