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Hi List,

Peter Marmet's mails just don't come through although his test
mail did. So here is his mail that I am forwarding on his behalf:

Hello list,
I got these interesting mails two days ago. Amber agreed that I post
them to the list. Amber wrote: "Dear Mr. Marmet, I have always heard
stories about the Cabin Creek Meteorite. It fell on what was my great-
great grandfather's property.

My grandfather, who now owns the property, was telling us about it tonight,
and I thought I would look it up. The photo on your website is beautiful:


I would be glad of any information you can share with me. This
has really sparked my interest." ... and in an other mail:

"Thanks so much for your help. It is very beautiful. I have never seen one
so pretty. It reminded me of a solidified fireball. The story that my grand-
father tells is that it took a week to cool off and that it took a team of
horses to pull it from the ground. I don't know if the cooling time is
accurate. Possibly just one of those tales that gets stretched as it is
passed down through the generations. He also mentioned that it was
misnamed since it actually fell in a small settlement called Hickey Town.
I assume that they named it after Cabin Creek because that town was

Any comment is welcome!

Peter Marmet

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