[meteorite-list] Maybe NOT time to move on ...

From: Michel Franco <michel_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Oct 4 14:41:17 2004
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Hey Dave

Please Dave do not leave. Just trig your email browser to delete all emails
from M$tteo. or with M$atteo. or M_uro name in it. You will not miss much,
really !!!!! Easy and works fine. Can any one tell we what are this guy
positive contributions ? Yes sometimes he pinpoints a meteorwrong on which
one is bidding. He should consider himself as the salvor of the community.
I told you he will be tired before you and he will.
He is not the moderator of any list, so far, and I bet any of my achondrites
against any of your OC's that no wise people will anytime subscribe one of
his lists and stay for more than a week!

This list is not the place to solve personnal problems, perhaps Art should
add this on the list behaviours ;-) .

Dave, stay for god sake.
Please stay for god sake. The meteorite community needs people like you.

Meteorites are good fun. and many people are fun also.


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> Cap'n Blood wrote:
>> Hi Dave, Buck up. Don't let the turkeys
>> keep you from flying like an eagle.
> Hello Dave and List,
> These are the words of a frontier lad
> Who lost his love when he turned bad ...
> No, wrong construction site ... the is /
> was The Everly Brothers back in 1959 :-)
> .. so let me restart:
> These are the words of a list member who tried his best to
> make me come back to the List after half a year's abstinence
> (not quite because I was watching the archives regularly), and
> they made and still make sense - an excerpt from this mail:
> "... because the less good people there are the less interesting
> topics become in general. The "network effect". What good is having
> a telephone if you are the only one ... So please come back to the list
> and help keep the topics interesting. You're not alone and the losers
> from your departure are only people like us (the people that aren't
> barbaric flamers), and we need to maintain critical mass, ..."
> Unfortunately the very same list member himself left this list when more
> flaming, more bickering more "bitchfests" occurred (or had I better say
> "recurred"?)
> Anyway, he is back, I am back, and as for you, Dave, maybe it is really
> NOT time to move on ... just ignore future hate mails and choose to enjoy
> your meteorites and interesting list posts instead.
> Cheers,
> Best wishes,
> Best regards,
> Bernd
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