AW: [meteorite-list] Maybe time to move on....

From: Bernhard Rems <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 12:51:29 2004
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You have this constellation in each and every hobby where people come

1) The oldtimers that look down on newcomers and think the newcomers are
something like ape is to men.
2) The oldtimers that love newcomers because they allow them to share
the love for their hobby. They think newcomers are like children - not
easy to handle but the future.
3) The psychos. They are in the hobby because that's the only place
where they think they can get some awareness. They treat everyone like
if they were that pile of shit they are themselves.
4) The newcomers that know everything better. They do not see that
merits have to be earned. They sooner or later turn into 3) (if they
lack intelligence) or 1) (if they lack a heart)
5) The newcomers that love oldtimers, because they can learn from them.
They can only become 2) after some years, never 1) or 3) (pardon, they
CAN become 1) or 3) if their girlfriend decides to leave them because of
their hobby).

There are many subkinds of hobbyists, but these 5 breeds cover app. 90%
of them :-)


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An: Dave Harris; metlist
Betreff: Re: [meteorite-list] Maybe time to move on....

Hey Dave, I know how you feel! I love meteorites, but I do not feel
like I
am a welcomed part of the meteorite community. There are some great
out there, but there is a lot of people that seem to want to keep the
to themselves. I have lost a lot of my collecting passion too. It seems
strange, the people that rely on meteorite sales for a living would push
people out of collecting. I stay on the list because of the great people

Thanks, Tom
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Subject: [meteorite-list] Maybe time to move on....

> Hi folks,
> I seem to have got a few people such as 'Mauro' and others upset as I
> been using the Metlist (and others) to promote private sales.
> To be honest I am generally a bit unhappy with this inclination to
turn on
> anyone at the drop of a hat.
> I am fully aware that I am not the greatest contributor to the list -
> have questions and not many answers as there are so many experts on
> and I am aware also that I do use the list to promote sales, which I
> know a lot of people probably do not like, but the massive majority,
> of having a personal pop at me just delete the emails.
> So, I think that I may have to leave both the Metlist and the IMCA as
I am
> not too sure I wish to be associated with people who appear to stick
> knife in at the fist available opportunity.
> I am perhaps being a little oversensitive, but I am going thru a
> of life, no job and no money whilst having a lot of responsibility. I
> not like having to defend myself to people I have always regarded as
> After some of the bitchfests I have seen on the list, I am surprised
> vehemence of the attacks I have been getting just because I elected to
> advertise a piece of rock that cost me over ?1000 and understandably
> make a return on it.
> When certain individuals on this list are expelled or calmed down to
> point that I can respect their opinions then I might rejoin. But until
> I think I am going to lurk for a couple of days then leave and also
> my IMCA registration.
> I was hoping I would never have to write this email, but some of you
> really crushed my passion for space rocks and my thirst for knowledge.
> I do thank those wonderful people, however, who have been so good to
> feeding my head with sound advice.
> Next week Mark Ford and I are donating some very substantial specimens
> Sir Patrick Moore at his astronomy club (complete with the press
> that will make me happy to give some of my hard earned rocks away. I
> that they will go some way to educating some people into the wonders
> subject, and hopefully they will not be experiencing the barbs and
> have had to endure.
> best to all of you who I care about (which is most of you!)
> dave
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