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Date: Sat Oct 2 16:46:12 2004
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Thanks very much for the references and the kind wishes. I will post
some pics as soon as I get them.
Best wishes,

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> Does anyone out there have some references of good articles for the
> Pantar, Mez?-Madaras and Searsmont falls? After acquiring these in an
> exchange I would like to read more about them. Any help is
> appreciated! Thanks, Matt Morgan

Hello Matt and List,

Congrats on these wonderful acquisitions !

Pantar, H5; gas-rich with a light-dark structure ! Mez?-Madaras, L3.7;
xenolithic, polymict ! Searsmont, H5; only about 2 lb preserved !

WLOTZKA F. (1963) ?ber die Hell-Dunkel-Struktur der urgas- haltigen
Chondrite Breitscheid und Pantar (GCA 27, 419-429).

K?NIG H. et al. (1961) Untersuchungen an Steinmeteoriten mit extrem
hohem Edelgasgehalt: I. Der Chondrit Pantar (Z.Nat.forsch. 16a,

FREDRIKSSON K. et al. (1963) The light-dark structure in
the Pantar and Kapoeta stone meteorites (GCA 27, 717-739).

HOINKES G. et al. (1974) Chemismus von Spinellen aus dem Mez?-Madaras
Chondrit (in Analyses of Extraterrestrial Materials, eds. W. Kiesl et
al., pp. 265-288, Springer, Berlin).
DODD R.T. et al. (1966) Significance of iron-rich silicates
in the Mez?-Madaras chondrite (Amer.Mineral. 51, 1177-1191).

VAN SCHMUS W.R. (1967) Polymict structure of
the Mez?-Madaras chondrite (GCA 31, 2027-2042).

BINNS R.A. (1968) Cognate xenoliths in chondritic meteorites: Examples
in Mez?-Madaras and Ghubara (GCA 32, 299-317).

MICHEL-LEVY M.C. (1987) Microchondrules in the Mez?-Madaras and Krymka
unequilibrated chondrites (abs. Meteoritics 22-4, 1987, 355-356).

MICHEL-LEVY M.C. (1988) A new component of the Mez?-Madaras breccia: A
chondrule- and carbon-bearing L-related chondrite (Meteoritics 23-1,
1988, 45-48).

NEHRU C.E. et al. (1991) Matrix lumps in Dhajala and Mez?-Madaras:
Implications for chondrule-matrix relationships in ordinary chondrites
(abs. Meteoritics 26-4, 1991, 377).

T?PEL-SCHADT J. et al. (1985) The submicroscopic structure of the
unequilibrated ordinary chondrites, Chainpur, Mez?-Madaras, and
Tieschitz: A (TEM) transmission electron microscopic study (Earth
Plan.Sci. Lett. 74, 1-12).

WOOD J.A. (1991) Alkali fractionation among chondrules of
the Mez?-Madaras chondrite (Meteoritics 26-4, 1991, 410).

SUGIURA N. et al. (1997) Isotopic compositions of carbon and nitrogen in
Mez?-Madaras measured with a secondary ion mass spectrometer
(Meteoritics 32,-4, 1997, A126).

Searsmont mentioned in:

 WOLF S.F. et al. (1998) Chemical studies of H chondrites 9: Volatile
trace element composition and petrographic classification of
equilibrated H chondrites (Meteoritics 33-2, 1998, 303-312).

Best wishes to you, to little
Kylie Rose and to Karen,


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