[meteorite-list] General Meteorit InterestHasIncreased100%InLastYear

From: Stefan Ralew <stefan_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Oct 1 14:31:01 2004
Message-ID: <415DA25D.4070008_at_meteoriten.com>

Hi Bernhard and List,

for everyone which is interested in it, here are the official charges
for packages from Germany to Oversea locations:

Normal letter (max. 20gm and 235 x 125 x 5mm): 1.55 euros ($1.90)
Compact letter (max. 50gm and 235 x 125 x 10mm): 2 euros ($2.46)
Maximum letter up to 50 g: 3 euros ($3.69)
                         up to 100gm: 4 euros ($4.92)
                           up to 250gm: 8 euros ($9.84)
Additional costs for registered mail: 2.05 euros ($2.52)

It`s my experience that registered mail is a very safe solution. I have
sent many, many packages and no package with registered mail has been
lost till now. For example: I pay for a 50gm letter (270x200x20mm) from
Germany to the US by the registered airmail 6.05 euros (around $ 7.45).
And I do not charge for envelopes and packing (mostly incl. Jewelbox).
Good packing costs place and weight and the postages are a little bit
more expensive. Registered mail will be the first choice for me in
future because I send most meteorites on my risk. An insurance isn`t
available for packages from Germany to the US. With unregistered mail I
don't have any possibility the check the way of my packages.

Mike, how you make such collector frienly prices? $0.99 for the item
and $0.85 free shipping?? I think I should read your Ebay Ads more
attentively in future. ;-)

Best wishes,

Stefan Ralew Meteorite Collection

Bernhard Rems wrote:

>And what I forgot to say: there are OF COURSE sellers who charge $7 for
>unregistered mail. Those were the ones I am talking about :-)
Received on Fri 01 Oct 2004 02:30:53 PM PDT

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