[meteorite-list] AW: General MeteoriteInterestHasIncreased100%InLastYear

From: Norbert Classen <trifid_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Oct 1 13:14:08 2004
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Hi Bernhard, Matt, and All,

Registered mail packages don't get lost - you'll have to start an
official inquiry, and you'll find out where the package is. That's
at least my experience.

BTW, I only send registered (national, and international) for two
reasons: If I don't send my specimens registered I have no proof
whatsoever that I've sent anything to my customer. I also have no
proof that my customer ever received the item, and so he can claim
that I either never shipped the item, or that he never received it.
I made this experience, twice, and ever since then I won't send
anything unregistered.


> -----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht-----
> This is funny since the Europeans are the only customers I have that
> request Registered Mail.
> Guess it depends on your perspective. I have had one registered mail
> package lost and that was questionable. However I have had at least 5
> unregistered packs lost.
> Matt
> -----Original Message-----
> Mike Farmer, I believe, ships for $1 worldwide.
> The Hupes ship for app. $5.
> Registered mail, at least that's my experience, is more likely to NOT
> arrive. I have received about 300 meteorites from the US so far, a
> single unregistered mail has been lost, and two of app. 10 registered
> ones haven't arrived. They seem to be more interesting for the folks on
> the way :-).
> About customs: mark your shipment as "mineral samples for studies" with
> a value between $0 and $10 - and noone will have to pay customs.
> See, due to the low dollar, the US market is pretty interesting for us
> European customers. Tose who make it easy for us to buy will get our
> money.
> But of course, if you feel safer with registered mail, that's your right
> to choose this option. But for us, registered means customs means
> hassles means unattractive.
> Bernhard
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