[meteorite-list] NWA904 Meteorite, Collection in a Slice, MAIN MASS 1, 968g

From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Nov 24 15:19:09 2004
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>Stan is full of hot air. He is just sore because a dealer manufactured
>classification of NWA 1839 was posted to the List and both NAU and UW are
>aware of it. That's correct, the latest information posted to the List was
>not even a working copy, just something put together to compete against NWA
>3133 by an amateur, it crossed way over the line. NWA 1839 was reported as
>weighing about 122 grams to the NomCom and as an L7 yet over 500 grams has
>been claimed to the List by Stan and at first it he claimed it was paired
>with NWA 011, explain this. This is all in the archives so check it out

the TRUTH about the pairing of nwa nwa 1839 and 3133 -

go to:

this is the offical Northern Arizona University web page maintianed by Dr
Bunch and Dr Wittke

scroll down to the bottom of the page where a summary of meteorite
classifications is located
click on 'primitive achonderites'
scroll down to the middle of the page where the heading 'primitive ungrouped
achonderites' is seen.

you will SPECIFICALLY see where the fine researchers at NAU are publically
calling NWA 3133 and 1839 THE SAME METEORITE.

dispute that Adam - unless you want to say that Dr. Bunch and Dr. Whittke
dont know what they are tlaking about you have no ground to stand on.

to anyone that is curious about this issue - LOOK at the archives. I never
once said that nwa 1839 and nwa 011 were paired. i described nwa 1839 by
saying it was 'as cool as nwa 011' unless the nomcom recently changed the
verbage associated with pairings, saying something is as cool as another
meorite is NOT the same as saying they are paired.

what is the big deal here? well look at ebay auctions - adam is trying to
sell nwa 3133 for 400$ a gram iirc - I'd more than happily sell the small
pieces of nwa 1839 I have for 100$ a gram.... i owunder why he is so unhappy
about a pairing determination between the two nwa's
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