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From: Michael Farmer <meteoritehunter_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Nov 23 11:57:18 2004
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Mr. DeRusse, what is the deal, let's get it out in the open right now.
You seem to think that the entire world is conspiring against you to deny
you the fame and fortune of owning the moon and mars ranch.
For a conspiracy, the people (scientists) must gain something from it.
No one seems to gain anything from conspiring against you.
Why do you keep this up? You stones are not meteorites, SIMPLE.
Now please leave the meteorite world alone and find another list to debate
your treasures on.
Get a life.
Michael Farmer
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Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] BCC "Meteorites" [was Milestones] PLEASE READ

> Matteo;
> We think your implying that we fabricated any email from Dirk Ross is
> preposterous and absurd. We have no reason to fabricate analytical data,
> emails or anything from anyone for that matter. I suppose you think we
> fabricated the email below from Dr. Oliver Manuel to Bill Cutler in which
> he agrees with us and welcomes some measure of controls on rogue
> scientists? Is that what you think? We realized the level of absurdity
> from you and many others when you endlessly debated whether a meteorite
> fall is hot to the touch back in 2002. You guys endlessly debated this
> issue and some trained scientists even weighed in on the issue but only
> served to cloud it. Since ya'll never settled it let me tell you the heat
> generated by a meteorite fall is proportional to the metal content. That
> is to say the higher the metal content the hotter to the touch.....duh.
> That means that stony meteorites will only be warm to the touch whereas
> iron-nickel meteorites will be hot. Good luck and stop being so absurd and
> preposterous.
> From Dr. Oliver Manuel;
> Thanks, Bill, for the message.
> I wish NASA's new policy might correct the problem.
> Science rests on one of the oldest spiritual truths, e.g. from the
> Upanishads, "Truth is victorious, never untruth."
> It appears NASA officials mistakenly believed for decades that good
> PR (public relations) is more important than truth.
> NASA held the purse strings and misconduct from NASA spread into
> peripheral organizations.
> For example, how much NASA money, how many pages of MAPS and GCA, and
> how many hours of Lunar Science Conference time has been devoted to
> questionable but flashy discoveries like AN ALPHABET OF NEONS (Ne-A,
> DIAMONDS, STAR DUST, etc. while more mundane explanations (MASS
> excluded from publication?
> What is the result?
> 1. NASA - the world's premier space agency - failed to appreciate
> that samples from the Apollo mission clearly revealed severe mass
> separation in the Sun. There is little doubt about this conclusion.
> See "Composition of the Solar Interior: Information from Isotope
> Ratios"
> http://www.umr.edu/~om/abstracts2002/soho-gong2002.pdf
> http://www.umr.edu/~om/abstracts2002/soho-gong2002.ps
> 2. NASA - the world's premier space agency - failed to appreciate
> that the Galileo probe into the atmosphere of Jupiter confirmed that
> material there is unlike that in the Sun. See Ken Windler's report
> on "strange" xenon isotopes in Jupiter.
> http://www.umr.edu/~om/abstracts2001/windleranalysis.pdf
> In 1983 we noted that the Galileo mission to Jupiter would find
> "strange" xenon there, if we were correct in concluding that the Sun
> is iron-rich from the Apollo mission to the Moon ["Solar abundance of
> the elements", Meteoritics 18, 209-222].
> NASA's engineering has been great, but its science has been a dismal
> failure. Unfortunately, scientific journals share some of the blame.
> With kind regards,
> Oliver K. Manuel
> McomeMeteorite Meteorite wrote:
>> I doubt many Dirk Ross write this....
>>> From: "S. Ray DeRusse" <srd_at_ispwest.com>
>>> To: geoking_at_notkin.net
>>> CC: meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com
>>> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] BCC "Meteorites" [was Milestones] PLEASE
>>> READ
>>> Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 06:20:16 -0600
>>> Greetings List;
>>> I would like respond to Mr. Notkin. Mr. Notkin you prove that if you
>>> wnat to get your facts straight you have to go to the source. Yes we did
>>> file a lawsuit sometime back against numerous individuals when we
>>> discovered they interfering with some others we were working with on the
>>> meteorite project. Its a well known fact that certain individuals have
>>> been operating against us.
>>> You obviously were lied to by your friend we sued. WE filed a motion
>>> to dismiss the lawsuit after two of the defendants agreed to complete
>>> their contracts with us. WE did it, no Judge dismissed anything. We
>>> filed a motion to dismiss without prejudice that means we can go back at
>>> anytime. Do you understand that? We instructed the Assistant Attorney
>>> General to draft it up, we signed it and filed it once two of the
>>> defendants came forward to spill the beans. We that means us Mr. Notkin.
>>> Now as far the samples, and being told nicely about anything. First
>>> of all if the samples were not authentic why would UT try to steal the
>>> ones that were in left in the lab with them? It was not until we blew
>>> the whistle on them that this controversy began to get out of hand. If
>>> you think that all scientists are honest and do not lie, cheat, and
>>> steal, having same, similar or different motives, Mr. Notkin I have news
>>> for you, you too are in living world that does not exist. I would hope
>>> that you know the difference between a typographical error and an actual
>>> misspelling, but for some people, thinking on their own is a lot of
>>> work. Good luck Mr. Notkin and I really mean that.
>>> Here's an entirely differenct viewpoint from Dirk Ross
>>> Dear Mr. DeRusse,
>>> I have been doing research since 1980. But, my last
>>> research was last year at Yamaguchi University in
>>> Japan.
>>> I have read most of your writings on the internet.
>>> You certainly are an educated person. I can
>>> understand your wish for students and scientists to
>>> think "outside" of the box. I agree with you on this
>>> point. I always ask and demand my students to think
>>> independently so that science can advance what is
>>> known.
>>> I apologize for my initial judgement about you
>>> before knowing more about the whole story. Keep up
>>> your search for fact. About truth, I leave that for
>>> God. Sincerely, Dirk Ross...Tokyo
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>>> Notkin wrote:
>>>> <x-rich><fixed>Jonathan posted:
>>>>> I'm back on the list. What is BCC meteorites about? I have heard a
>>>>> lot about it and read their site but I still don't understand. Odd.
>>>> Dear Jonathan and Fellow Listees:
>>>> Jonathan, yes you are absolutely right. It is very "odd" and nobody
>>>> else understands their site either because their site is nonsense.
>>>> I would like all my fellow List members to be made aware of something
>>>> important: These BCC "Meteorites" characters filed an actual lawsuit
>>>> against a number of prominent, respected and very well-liked senior
>>>> meteoriticists here in the U.S (one of whom is a personal friend of
>>>> mine). The suit was -- of course -- thrown out by the judge for being
>>>> utterly frivolous. It's just too bad these clowns weren't heavily fined
>>>> for wasting court time.
>>>> BCC "Meteorites" seems to believe that there's some kind of high-level
>>>> conspiracy/cover-up going on between NASA and major meteoritical
>>>> institutions -- all because BCC "Meteorites" have been told (nicely and
>>>> repeatedly) that the junk items they dig out of their bog, or whatever,
>>>> in Texas are not actually fossilized alien brains, UFO warp core spare
>>>> parts, Lunar meteorites, Dick Tracy wrist watch radios, etc., but just
>>>> plain old dull terrestrial rocks. I think we all enjoy a good
>>>> eccentric, and the whole thing would have been somewhat amusing in a
>>>> "Benny Hill" sort of way if these guys hadn't been really nasty to some
>>>> really nice people during their imaginary scientific journey.
>>>> We have our squabbles on the List from time to time, but we are all
>>>> united in our interest in the SCIENCE of meteoritics. The
>>>> technobabble/gobbledygook pseudo-science offered up on the BCC
>>>> "Meteorites" website -- and written, I might add, in appalling
>>>> elementary school English so laden with spelling errors and grammatical
>>>> mistakes that you couldn't follow their argument even if it *were*
>>>> sound -- should not be allowed promotion here on the Meteorite List.
>>>> Novice collectors, still learning about meteorites, might be hoodwinked
>>>> into believing some of the fatuous claims that are made on the BCC
>>>> website.
>>>> So, I strongly suggest that we -- as a community -- block the email
>>>> addresses of these guys DeRusse and Cutler immediately and permanently.
>>>> They just want attention, and the best way to eradicate this kind of
>>>> fake science rubbish is to ignore the perpetrators entirely. They'll
>>>> likely get bored and wander off to some UFO conspiracy
>>>> theory/Creationist mailing list of which -- unfortunately -- there are
>>>> probably several. A request from a few of you to List Moderator Art
>>>> Jones ( listman_at_meteoritecentral.com ) to have them removed from the
>>>> List wouldn't hurt either.
>>>> Oh, and BTW, if you look at the first photo on their website, the guy
>>>> with the white gloves looks like "Dr. No." : )
>>>> Not at all respectfully,
>>>> Geoff Notkin
>>>> Science writer interested in actual science and real
>>>> meteorites</fixed></x-rich>
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