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From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Nov 12 11:57:54 2004
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The easiest way for a collectors to avoid to buy a Zag instead of an Amalga:

If the stone is so fresh and displays a crust, which you'd like to touch
only with gloves,
fresh like a Bensour for instance,
then it's an Amgala for sure.

I never saw a Zag, which could mess with Amgala in freshness.
Even when Zag came on market first, it was quite impossible to get a sample
without stainings.


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> Good Morning,
> It is funny when I mentioned the Amgala (Working Name) issue several
> ago I was met with criticism by a well known dealer. It is my belief that
> over 4 kilograms of Zag cleaned with an air abrasion tool has been put
> circulation as Amgala. We were offered over 4 kilograms of this material
> and became suspicious when we cut a sample and found oxidation staining
> penetrated the complete slice. We also found some with a black lithology,
> something never found in Amgala. Some pieces had red clay imbedded in
> contraction cracks that an air abrasion tool missed. There is only one in
> Eurfud.
> We sent the material back and told the overseas dealer what he was
> was cleaned Zag. He denied any involvement in the cleaning, blamed it on
> somebody else and said it would never be offered again. Then I see
> dealer selling the exact same thing who will not accept that he has been
> hoodwinked. I posted some of the following things to look out for in the
> past:
> Contraction cracks- Rarely found in Amgala
> Red clay in cracks
> Oxide staining throughout a complete slice - Amgala has surface staining
> only
> Black lithology
> If you see any of the above contact your dealer.
> Yes, you can make the outside of Zag look almost like Amgala with the
> tool but internal oxidation is impossible to disguise. If you look very
> careful at images posted around the internet you will know who the dealer
> is. It is our hope that he will admit he is in error and offer refunds.
> This applies to anybody else engaged in this scam.
> If in doubt, check it out!
> Adam
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