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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Nov 12 11:37:10 2004
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I am a bit behind responding to this thread as I was
visiting my parents with my new wife in newfoundland
and am despertaely trying to keep from falling to far
behind in my ebay auctions.
I havent seen any scams going on with Amgala although
I dont follow ebay to much. I have seen a HUGE amount
of crap between various dealers (On both sides of the
pond) playing the "My meteorites are better than your
meteorites" thing (I dont think that I got involved in
that this time around although maybe I am mistaken on
that) but everything seems sort of above board. I dont
believe that Zag or any fresh stones from a nearby
strewnfield is regularly being sold as amgala.
As far as the pricing of Amgala goes, I dont know what
the fair price of a probable new fall is. You know me,
once it gets over 25 cents a gram I feel it is
overpriced and dont give personal value to falls over
finds. Obviously a lot of people disagree with me on
that and for good reason to. However, matteo has his
info wrong. I suspect that somebody was feeding him a
line about Munich since he wasnt there. No amgala sold
at $1 a gram in munich. The moroccans were asking E$4
and E$5 a gram and could easily be beaten down to E$3.
A lot sold between E$3 and E$4 a gram. (Munich value
E$1 = US$1.27). I know the 1.5 kilos matteo is talking
about and there was an offer of E$2000 made on that
that was turned down. I dont know what this eventually
sold for (Or if it sold at all) but it seems odd that
it would be sold for less than what an offer was made
for it earlier.
As far as the 2 kilos that I offered to this list goes
  that started this whole thread I still have some
left which you can see on my webpage below. This is
not my material but was given to me by one of the
moroccans to sell for him on consignment. Will you get
it cheaper next week? Hell, I dont know. I know that
it is a fair amount cheaper than what it was selling
for in munich
and the value of amgala has held up after months of
offerings much better than I expected which gives me
reason to believe that there is not a lot of material
hidden - at least not by many people anyway.
But right now my $2.95 a gram price is very low for
amgala. I believe that the hupes earlier today in a
posting to this list mentioned a 3.7 classification
(See archaives). If that holds up the price likely
wont fall much more (Unless loads more is discovered
to be hidden by some moroccans - you can bet that the
strewnfield itself is picked pretty dry by now) . But
as somebody said earlier in the week "Will it be 95
cents next week?". It was selling for 4 times that in
munich so somebody will lose out if that happens - but
since dealers were willingly paying much more than
matteos US$1 a gram directly from the moroccans in
Munich I wouldent hold my breath.
Here is my sale webpage again. Much has been sold and
people who have received the material has emailed me
saying how much that they loved their stones. I shoudl
be around the next few hours if somebody wants more.
(Also see my meteorites on ebay user id AMUNRE and

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