[meteorite-list] AD - eBay auctions ending today, Excellent Values

From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 11:43:05 2004
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Steve Schoner alread made an attempt to clean this list, creating a yahoo
group for ebay ads
and there are two yahoo groups more for sales adds.
But obviously it's hopeless....
Other dealers with the need for permanent ads opened their own groups,
perhaps a good idea for Uncle Steve and les Hupes?


Hmmm let's make some ads too.
Me and my friend Marcin have nice small polished Zaklodzie slices for sale,
the superrare primitive enstatite achondrite, although a few have it as
anomalous aubrite, 8kg tkw, single stone from Poland.
Elsewhere still offered at 100-200$/g at Meteorite-Martin and Polandmet
today, because tomorrow it's St.Martin ("Marcin" means "Martin" too)
for list members 50$ PER GRAM !!
Like St.Martin divided his coat to share it with the beggar of Amiens, we
cut the average prices in half for this incredible exciting historic and
named find of exceedingly scientific significant value unseen in Poland and
elsewhere and we will recover more than our amazing expenses on Marcins
expeditions from Poland to Poland and my pieces were sent by mail and I'm to
lazy to search for the recent papers with its amazing thermometric history
suggesting multiple touch downs and it's not an NWA and even a local
newspaper article reported fall phenomenons 100 years before the find and
we will make now each second day an ad until someone will have mercy with
the other list members and will buy them all and get them while they're
cold and don't tell to Jachymek that we sold it so dirt cheap and some
slices have rind and most are 1 - 3 grams but larger specimens with
discounts are available and scans on request too and I ate two apples today
too also the children which march behind St.Martin's horse tomorrow will get
only one and blablabla as we say in German and blebleble as we say in Polish
and so on.....

Sankt Martin im Geh?us

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> I want to start a discussion about creating a list for announcements
> like these. Although I am interested in hearing about mid-fall-sales and
> ebay auctions that end soon, I think these postings are getting a little
> out of hand lately. Wouldn't it be a good idea to keep this list as a
> discussion list and create one for sale announcements (or is there
> already one)?
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