[meteorite-list] NWA 1774 and NWA 3098 Rumurutiites

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Date: Sat Nov 6 13:32:15 2004
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JD wrote:

> This meteorite (NWA 3098) looks a lot like some material I
> have. NWA 1774, R3.8 - 6 (not R5), 714 g TKW, Found 2002.

Hello John, Jeff K., Stefan, and List,

When Alex Seidel and I got this beautiful R5 from Stefan, we echanged
several mails re: classification of this R5 because we both felt we were
looking at an R3-5 (my mail to Stefan dated Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2004).

My collection piece (4.9 grams) is a triangular slice with fusion crust, numerous
chondrules and several angular and subangular light-brown clasts. Some clasts
seem to be composed of unequilibrated material and are a deep black color with
chondrules and mineral fragments enclosed. Some chondrules have a thin black
seam and one chondrule is a tightly packed aggregate of worm-like pyroxene laths
in a white groundmass of anorthite (not quite sure if it *is* anorthite).

Best wishes,

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