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Date: Fri Nov 5 16:31:04 2004
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Why can't you two guys just leave each other alone?
Forget about each other and mind your own business!

While I've never had any sympathy for Mike's aggressive verbal
attacks against whoever on this list (see Captain Blood's recent,
courageous rebuke re: the wording of messages), I also find it
utterly despicable to pour oil in the fire while making faces
from behind the bush.

Your mail was definitely uncalled-for, superfluous and unwanted.
Cut it out, it is bothersome, behave like gentlemen, and try to
get along in peace. Life is short, too short to waste precious time
with unnecessary animosities.

Use your imaginative power and look at this Planet Earth from a
mountain on the Moon, we're all down there on this little spaceship
called Earth, we're all in the same boat and from up there Tucson
is less than a stone's throw from Italy and vice versa.

Amen ... end of sermon ;-)


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