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From: Martin Altmann <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 14:03:05 2004
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Hi John&Dawn,

it's because I'm so lazy:
My website is more than four (4) years old (and I'm older than the
As I don't have time to restore it, I email lists with my actual assortment
around to my collectors.
Twice or 3 times per year.

At this time, there was by far not as much Campos around as today and nobody
had a glimpse of an idea, what a "New Campo" should be. In fact only a very
few dealer offered Campo at all.
The mass occurance of Campo on the market is a phenomenon of recent times.

I had this specimen more than 12 years in my collection. It was sand blasted
before and the rust was very superficially, as one still can see, thus for
Campo a quite stable guy.
I even granted to take the specimen back, if any deeper corrosion would be
turn out, after cutting.
(Tell me a single dealer, who will do this.)

The avarage Campo-price, when I launched the site, at the other dealers
websites, was 0.81$ per gram.
I priced it at 0.30 per gram.
And sold it for 0.25 per gram to a black smith. That means at less than a
third of the average price at that time.

Since then I never had a Campo for sale (and try to avoid it in future too).


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> Martin....when you refer to "stinky" Campos are those like the rusty Old
> Campo that you are trying to sell on your website for $300 per kilo,
> stating that "Despite its impressive Total Known Weight, Campo del Cielo
> isn't offered that often."? Are these the good "sales" prices that you
> are offering the new collectors?
> -Just curious.
> Cheers
> John & Dawn
> Bernhard Rems wrote:
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> >
> >And Bernhard, as always, I answer:
> >
> >For a serious dealer it does not pays off on the long run to praise
> >stinky
> >Campos or boring W4 desert H5s like the Star of India.
> >Experienced collectors don't appreciate such exaggerations and the
> >beginners
> >will soon find out
> >the overstatements.
> >
> >Meteorite market is not Fish Market.
> >Martin
> >
> >
> >You don't get my point, Martin. It's not praising stinky Campos or
> >"boring" W4 desert H5's (BTW, the attitude that desert H5's are boring
> >is something I fully reject), it's about transporting the magic of
> >meteorites in your text, telling people more than just "I sell a Campo".
> >Give them background information, tell them that Campos tend to rust,
> >but tell them also the history of this find. Tell them how they can take
> >care of their pieces, and why even a "stinky Campo" is a piece of
> >extraterrestrial matter that is something special.
> >
> >You don't have to exaggerate to sell. You just have to show that you
> >appreciate what you are selling.
> >
> >Bernhard
> >
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