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Date: Thu Nov 4 13:58:23 2004
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Hola List,

I just got an email from Mohammed Ali, who is apparently a lurker on the Met-list. He said no one knows what they are talking about and maybe we should listen to him since he was there.

What really happened was that Snoopy was doing an aerial battle with the Red Baron von Humboldt at the time of the Nakhla fireball. Snoopy then shot down the Red Baron, who was carrying a cargo of desert achondrites from a strewn filed he had scavanged, as the Germans had discovered it was achondrites were the secret materials needed for armoring their tanks. As the Baron desperately tried to avoid crashing he had to bail out his achondrites, one of which actually fell on the dog in mid flight at the right moment, covering Snoopy in ashes it had picked up in the smoking trail of the Baron's biplane as it was downed.

The Baron actually survived the crash, as Snoopy did the mishap as well, to fight another day. Mohammed Ali cautions that we should read the description carefully, and that by "leaving it like ashes" he is talking about has absolutely nothing to do with the dog, but the stone itself, which was blown to bits.

Mohammed Ali also mentioned to me that he prayed during the event that a rock might fall on his mother-in-law, too, and sure enough his prayers were answered. Furthermore, the dog he talked about to the newspaper people who always get everything wrong, was really a reference to his mother-in-law, and that Charlie Brown happened to have a camera handy while he was calling Snoopy to give him a doggy dish, because Chuck wanted to impress the little red-haired girl about his expeditions. So really there was a second biological impact.

The picture of the impact with his mother-in-law, the dog, is posted at:


Saludos, Doug
P.S. The main mass of all the Lunars is the Moon. The biggest know piece of a meteorite is not the main mass. It's the biggest piece. What's wrong with just having the "biggest piece"? Works for me, at least... Soon, the USA will claim the Moon, by the way. That's actuially good news, because then everyone on the Moonbase will be able to mail all the rocks they want back to the USA for the domestic rate, that is what, a couple of bucks a pound these days?

PPS, this not only clears up the dog deal with Nakhla, but also explains the relative scarcity of achondrites in the desert, which are cooked to perfection. They are all there waiting to be found in fields strewn with rusting hulks of vintage then state-of-the-art German War tanks.

Mohammed Ali Effendi Hakim kindly informed:

   "The fearful column which appeared in the sky at Denshal was substantial. The terrific noise it emitted was an explosion that made it erupt several fragments of volcanic materials. These curious fragments, falling to earth buried themselves into the sand to a depth of about one metre. One of them fell on a dog at Denshal, leaving it like ashes in the moment."
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