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Date: Thu Nov 4 13:25:50 2004
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All of this is interesting, but not one person has yet to mention all the
other deserts on this planet that will yield meteorites, and lots of em.
There are more Morocco's waiting to happen folks! The supply from the Hot
Deserts may be dwindling, but as more and more nomads in other countries
become educated and see $, the flood will come again.
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And Bernhard, as always, I answer:

For a serious dealer it does not pays off on the long run to praise
Campos or boring W4 desert H5s like the Star of India.
Experienced collectors don't appreciate such exaggerations and the
will soon find out
the overstatements.

Meteorite market is not Fish Market.

You don't get my point, Martin. It's not praising stinky Campos or
"boring" W4 desert H5's (BTW, the attitude that desert H5's are boring
is something I fully reject), it's about transporting the magic of
meteorites in your text, telling people more than just "I sell a Campo".
Give them background information, tell them that Campos tend to rust,
but tell them also the history of this find. Tell them how they can take
care of their pieces, and why even a "stinky Campo" is a piece of
extraterrestrial matter that is something special.

You don't have to exaggerate to sell. You just have to show that you
appreciate what you are selling.


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