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Date: Thu Nov 4 11:44:29 2004
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Hi Mike,

I concur! The gold rush is already showing signs of ending. The Moroccans
are pulling out their "good" material and acting in a feverish, money lust,
frenzy to get the last buck from those who deal there.


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> On two expeditions in Oman, we found over 100 meteorites before finding my
> first achondrite, a rare type of Ureilite.
> Achondrites are rare, the flood from Morocco will soon end.
> Mike Farmer
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>> Hiho Mark,
>> the region does not make the difference, the finders do!
>> In Antarctica it's the common process, to number each stone seperately -
>> take a look at the Bulletins, there you'll find rare types, found in the
>> same place on the same day with different numbers.
>> Sahara in general is different, in Oman never were so much hunters around
>> as
>> in Libya and the Oman stuff does not end up in Morocco.
>> And the teams in Oman give always all their finds from one aerea as a
>> bunch
>> in classification, most in the same place. So different conditions as
>> with
>> the NWA-stuff.
>> Meanwhile a beginning collector must have the impression, that a
>> howardite,
>> a mesosiderite, a CV3 or a olivine diogenite must be something extremely
>> common, as always when a new one is coming out, in the months to follow,
>> appears a dozen numbers of the same material.
>> But ask f.e. Afanasjev or Haberer how many ordinary chondrites you have
>> to
>> hunt down, until you'll find an achondrite! Make some stats NWA versus
>> Dho,
>> with the latter I suppose you will get different ratios of rare types to
>> common ones, if you count the numbers as own finds.
>> And of course many of the OCs from Oman are similar looking as in most
>> cases, they ae very weathered, W3-4. But take a look in the lists from
>> the
>> Bulletins, where you can see from the date of find and the coordinates,
>> that
>> mostly a large series of subsequent numbers were found on the same trip,
>> there you have a wide variety of Ls and Hs with different Fa and Fs
>> values
>> and weathering degrees.
>> So I think, if it costs the same, Stevey is not wrong to prefer Dho
>> instead
>> of NWA, as in my eyes, they have a higher collector's value (and I'm
>> really
>> no fan of desert chondrites, I'm sooo conservative and collect names).
>> Cheeers!
>> Martin
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>>> Hello Martin,
>>> I do not keep a list of paired meteorites or possible paired meteorites.
>>> Dhofar is no different then DaG or other like regions. I have traded
>>> more
>>> in DaG so I could tell you some pairs in it. I have seen a few tables
>>> of
>>> Dhofar's where you have several H5 or L6's that look a lot alike.
>>> There have been pairing studies done in DaG, Roosvelt County and
>>> Anartica.
>>> In all of these high collection places pairings were found to be pretty
>>> common. Which I do not see as any problem and that was not a negative
>>> Dhofar comment. Anyone thinking it was negative is free to send me all
>>> their Roosevelt County meteorites. Should a pairing study be made, I
>> think
>>> the numbers say you will find Dhofar no different then other areas of
>>> meteorite concentration.
>>> The naming rules in all these areas say pretty much, unless it fits
>>> together, it gets a different name...or number as it is. We seem to
>>> have
>>> changed this a little to, found within a few feet, as many of the DaG's
>> with
>>> the same number do not fit together.
>>> On my website you will find I have many Dhofar, DaG and other like
>> numbered
>>> meteorites. However, if you check the gallery, you will see in my
>> personal
>>> collection, I avoid like classification meteorites from regions of high
>>> meteorite concentration.
>>> http://www.meteoritearticles.com/photogallerymeteorites.html
>>> Mark Bostick
>>> www.meteoritearticles.com
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