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> Would anyone on this list have any biographical information, such as birth
> and death research papers, books, complete names when initials are given,
> etc.. info for the following persons? This information is being requested
> for a bibliography in work on Meteor Crater. All of the individuals listed
> below have had something to do with either the crater, the associated
> meteorites, the formation process, etc., for that crater. Any and all
> information will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Robert and List,

I don't know how much biographical background information there is to be
found as I only looked up the names in the name index of the book but here

01) BURKE J.G. (1986) Cosmic Debris, Meteorites in History (Univ. of Calif. Press):

Oliver Cummings Farrington, E. P. Henderson, Edward Anders, Benjamin C. Tilghman,
Harrison S. Brown, Vagn F. Buchwald, John Davis Buddhue, Edward C. T. Chao, Clark
R. Chapman, Roy S. Clarke, Jr., Joseph I. Goldstein, Robert T. Dodd, Arthur E. Foote,

02) Phillip Bagnall is a list member an dshould be able to tell you more about himself.

See also:

BAGNALL PHILIP (1991) The Meteorite & Tektite Collector's Handbook
(Willmann-Bell, Inc. P.O. Box 35025, Richmond, Virginia 23235, pp. 160).

03) Vagn F. Buchwald:

BUCHWALD V.F. (1975) Handbook of Iron Meteorites, 3 Volumes.

04) E. Cohen:

COHEN E. (1894) Meteoritenkunde, Heft 1: Untersuchungsmethoden
und Charakteristik der Gemengtheile

COHEN E. (1903) Meteoritenkunde, Heft 2: Structurformen; Versuche
k?nstlicher Nachbildung von Meteoriten; Rinde und schwarze Adern;
Relief der Oberfl?che; Gestalt, Zahl und Gr?sse der Meteorite; Nachtr?ge zu Heft I.

COHEN E. (1905) Meteoritenkunde, Heft 3: Classification und Nomenclatur;
K?rnige bis dichte Eisen; Hexaedrite; Oktaedrite mit feinsten und feinen Lamellen.

05) Ahmed El-Goresy:



Best wishes,

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