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Date: Mon Nov 1 19:05:08 2004
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Ol? once again Jos?, Wilton and Listees,

Wilton, thanks also for the first-hand confirmation and friendly reply you helpfully provided. Now, I think the homenage to Dr. Campos Sales, Brasil's first democratically elected president for term starting in 1898, should put to rest any thoughts that nominally "Campos" of Campos Sales has anything to do with "Campos" as in "Campo" a la Campo del Cielo.

As for the soil containing salts, I thought I'd mention that the neighboring municipality is called "Salitre". And that most probably translates as salt - related to nitric acid (KNO3).

In fact, Campos Sales, Cear?, Brasil was born in 1883 and officially named in 1938 after it became a county-seat (from a sleepy village previously called Fertile Valley of Cows, then Nova Roma-New Rome) of its county which currently has about 25,000 inhabitants over 1,660 square km. They are an agricultural place producing cotton, bananas, yucca root,etc., at 567 m altitude and Lat. 7?04? Long.: 40?23?.
All this and more is at the municipalities official website:
 More, e.g.:
Topon?mia: Homenagem ao Brasileiro Manoel Ferraz (de Campos Sales). Rainfall, etc.

Sales al Campo? Saludos, Doug
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