[meteorite-list] Guanaco and Vaca Muerta

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Date: Mon Nov 1 17:55:34 2004
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> I just received 4 of the most beautiful Vaca Muerta polished end
> pieces today from Rodrigo Martinez, direct from Chile. They are
> truely GEORGOUS!!

Hi Jerry and List,

Congrats on these "most beautiful Vaca Muerta polished end pieces".
I have a 4.2-gram olivine nodule slice with about 50% translucent
olivines and a few metal patches near the edge from Rodrigo.

I also got a Vaca Muerta endcut from him whose metal phase displays
an extremely fine octahedritic Widmanstaetten pattern (0.1 mm) with
silicate blebs and troilite displaying swathing kamacite plus a tiny
olivine crystal.

> Nice work Rodrigo

.. is a modest understatement. It is the visible result
of the excellent work of a dedicated lover of meteorites.

As for Guanaco (IIG), I am the proud owner of a 26.5-gram slice from Rodrigo.
The slice displays a large massive schreibersite inclusion, Neumann lines, and
an oval chondrule-like FeNi inclusion in the schreibersite. Beautiful and the
next best thing to Twannberg, which is virtually impossible to get.

Best regards,

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