[meteorite-list] Eureka! (& some soapbox)

From: minador <minador_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue May 25 01:16:03 2004
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Hi List,

A friend took me to his meteorite hunting spot on Friday, and I finally
found some meteorites! Not one but 2. What was really cool was that the
first one was a 3.8g iron and the second was an 18.1g stony! What are the
chances of that?! I would not have found these without a metal detector
(although the stony might have been found with a magnet, but the iron was
deep). I don't want to name the friend or his spot for the fear that he
will be inundated by requests for guided tours.

The iron looks to be a twin of several of the Taza irons I have in my
collection, so I'm pretty sure it's a meteorite. The stony is unmistakable.
What would I have to do to have them classified? I imagine most of each
specimen would be lost in the process. Is it important that I get them
classified or are these smaller specimens unimportant in this regard?

Now for the soap box:

Unfortunately we found numerous ATV tracks in a "motor-less" area. My
friend hadn't seen any tracks before. I hope this doesn't get the area
closed off to meteorite hunting. This is exactly the type of activity that
results in more restrictions. I personally don't believe that it has any
significant impact on the ecosystem, but it is a violation of the Law and
could have unfortunate consequences. It wouldn't bother me much, but I have
seen the same thing at Willcox Playa so it could be a growing problem. I
imagine that many of the tracks at Willcox were from ATVers in general, but
I notice that every conspicuous rock had numerous tracks leading to them.
This was in the BLM strip of the Playa which is closed to all vehicle
traffic. I would hope that most ethical hunters would mention this to
hunting partners or other parties engaging in illegal activity while in the
field. It only hurts the hobby. End of editorial comment; proceed.

Well, I hope that this will encourage you "unsuccessful" hunters out there!
My fatigue and discouragement quickly disappeared after my friend found his
first stony. (Was there hope for me?) Then he found a small iron. They're
here! (but it can't happen to me...can it?) Then came my iron and soon
after, in the same area, my stony. After that I could have continued for
hours more, but it was getting late. My friend topped off the day with a
120g stony as we headed back to camp. Keep at it and don't give up. If
you're finding lead shot and zipper teeth, you'll find meteorites if they
are there!

Happy hunting!

Mark (meteorite finder) Bowling


Mark A. Bowling
VAIL, AZ 85641-6068
(520) 647-3618

 o(:-) What we do not grow or hunt for,
                      we must MINE from the earth! <><
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