[meteorite-list] Special Martian Meteorite Auction on 5-12

From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun May 2 18:38:53 2004
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>>Martian meteorites have consistently
outpaced witnessed falls the last two and a half years as far as market
value is concerned<<

Hum, I took a look in my 3 years old price comparing list (non ebay, 70+
dealers & dealer/collectors, I guess we can call it a little bit "the
market") represented:
DaG 476, only for instance, as the most common of the Marses had at that
time an average gram price of 1354$.
I can't see an increase in value until now, as it's still paid at the moment
at 250$/gm on ebay and the cheapest web dealers ask 300$/gm +/-.
Nor could I feel a strong demand, when I posted here my DaG 735 at 266$/g.

Neither the Moons showed an impressing performance, take a look at the last
postings here on the very list.
Low-tkw-Dhos for which you had to pay one year before 3000-5500 are offered
now at 1200-1500.
But I agree, that at this prices, it would be not the worst idea to buy -
Moon never was so affordable in history and a even lower price would be with
regard to the exorbitant rareness of the material, well, just silly.
(Btw - I have large quantities of lunaites for sale, all sizes, please
contact me off list).

My 130000 cents
Martin A.

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Special Martian Meteorite Auction on 5-12

> Dear List Members,
> As we continue to catalog our collection we found several duplicates of
> Martian meteorites that have never been offered by us before. It was
> decided if we added these different Martian meteorites to other excess
> specimens from the Hupe Collection we could offer the largest variety of
> unpaired Martian meteorites ever to be auctioned at one time.
> It was further decided that Wednesday May 12th will be the launch date on
> ebay. So far we have counted over 14 different Martian meteorites that
> be offered without affecting our main collection. Considering there are
> only 31 in the world (21 in private Hands), this is a substantial
> undertaking.
> Some specimens are small and will be started at just 99 cents while others
> will be major examples. There will be duplicates offered in some cases
> giving a scalable price range to match collection budgets. All will be
> priced very reasonably providing bargains for the lucky auction winners.
> Planetary meteorites are in extremely high demand right now in both the
> scientific and collector communities. Martian meteorites have
> outpaced witnessed falls the last two and a half years as far as market
> value is concerned making them the best meteorite investment going right
> now. While some are not at there peak value like Zagami others like
> 378 have tripled in value. Hopefully this up and coming auction will help
> to fill a few voids in some collections. We are mentioning this auction
> ahead of schedule so that those interested in planetary meteorites can
> research their needs in time to make an informed purchasing decision.
> Wishing everybody the best,
> Adam and Greg Hupe
> The Hupe Collection
> Team LunarRock
> IMCA 2185
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