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Al.. Aren't we a part of the "SCIENTIFIC" community? There are a lot of
scientists in this group.

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> Hi Rob and all,
> Rob Wesel wrote:
> This is where we all need to get nervous that the horrible scientists will
to put a
> ban private collection....and can you blame them in a case like this?
> I can't speak for the rest of the world but in the USA scientists get
their money from
> public tax dollars. No one has a right to ban meteorite collecting nor
> collectors keep from science important specimens that might yield new
information. We
> SHOULD compliment each other and work together. I am very much bothered
that anyone
> would think that the scientific community has any right to even try to ban
> Until the Sahara finds most of the material was controlled, owned by the
> community. Only about 5% at most was in the hands of private individuals.
In a free
> society you should be able to collect. In an un-free society you can not
or wouldn't
> be permitted.
> It is because there are more people out there trying to find meteorites,
preserve them
> that science has so many new stones to research. Not to mention that we
provide tax
> dollars for them to do so and I hope they are grateful to be our public
servants. All
> my best!
> --AL Mitterling
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