From: Rob Wesel <nakhladog_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:56 2004
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Something to consider Dean is the fact that you are selling a rare meteorite
without making any deposits for science and posterity.

This is where we all need to get nervous that the horrible scientists will
to put a ban private collection....and can you blame them in a case like

While I can agree with selling in advance of classification with
CLASSIFICATIONS PENDING, all I can see in this case is irresponsibility. A
lack of respect for procedure, science, history, future, and the collector
you hope to sell this to. Sure, risks are taken at the source,
classification before acquisition in Africa not feasible, but some level of
stewardship is incumbent to ensure a healthy relationship with the
scientific community.

Not all ordinary chondrites can be classified, by edict of the institutions
themselves but I am sure some institution would love to do the
classification here and have a type sample deposited in their
collection...preserved forever.

"This meteorite is from the DEAN BESSEY stock of meteorites. I am one of the
worlds largest meteorite dealers and the most significant buyer of nomad
found meteorites in the Sahara. Buy your meteorites from a meteorite dealer
who you know that you can trust."

Then act like it Dean. It comes off sounding pretty lame attacking the Hupes
for having an interest in what it might be and pretty lame telling us "But I
figure - hey, what the heck, I will ask $20 a
gram for it anyway. I hope that everybody buys it all because then I wont
have to go through the trouble and effort to try and get it named and
classified (I hate having stuff for more than 3 weeks)."

Hey, what the heck.

I like you Dean, I have bought from you before and I will buy from you again
but this was clearly a lapse of reason.

Rob Wesel
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and we are the dreamers of the dreams.
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