From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:57 2004
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Adam, how stupid do you think that everybody is? Do
you really think that my joke that the nomads call
everythng, even rusty H5s, lunar that people would
believe that I was trying to sell something as Lunar?
If you actually thought that there could have been
confusion in that metter you would have mentioned it
yesterday when you were trying to make sure nobody
believed that I had a howardite. You were comparing
howardites and eucrites - not eucrites and lunars. Why
did your speel change today to lunar all of a sudden?
I had no recent updates to my sale that changed
The reason that you made that posting was to try and
make people think that there was no chance that I had
a howardite and therfore interfere with my sale by
making potential customers think that there was
nothing special about my rock (Which there might not
be). This is the same strategy that you have used over
the past six months to try and interfere with all of
farmers sales. Try and belittle his rocks backing it
up with some sort of scientic issues that you just
made up. And you use all of this scientific and "Team
Lunar Rock" crap trying to make everybody believe that
you are some scientific expert and that you are the
Indiana Jones of morocco (And have way more
"adventures" in morocco than me and farmer) when all
you do is go over to Morocco and buy stuff from one
dealer over there. You sit on "Team lunar Rocks"
concrete floor and after "The Team" spreads out their
red rug (The one with the pretty flowers) and puts
"The Teams" rocks on them you pick out the ones that
you want and hand over cash. The only person who has
ever outdone you on this "My rocks are better than
your rocks" crap is the pellisons. You are second only
to the pellisons in this regard (Albiet a VERY distant
You are a scumbag adam. And you are not going to drive
me and farmer out of morocco by using this strategy of
trying to interfere with our sales.
Yesterday I got a quick note and for the record UCLA
has looked at a likely paired rock to mine in that
sale under a microscope with a thin section and say
that it is borderline between howardite and eucrite
but their probe is on the brink again and they are way
backed up with hundreds of other classifications so it
will be a while before I know for sure what it is.
Getting stuff classified is not fast nowadays. So you
could well be right about it being a polymict eucrite.
So I guess that you are good. You can classify stuff
from a photo. With A little more practise and training
and you might learn to be as good as "The Teams"
ability when riding a camel.

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