[meteorite-list] John's PF comic comments and mine, 1

From: Rosemary Hackney <ltcrose_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:55 2004
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Heel Nakla ..hehe.
My sis's all time fav movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. She
rents it every Christmas. Hmm I think she broke down and bought a copy. I
kind of favor "everlasting gobstoppers" myself.

Time for another Rosie moment. I think I have a fragment of a thought coming
Political correctness...hmm.. some folks think it is a national law..a
constitutional amendment. a crime of heinous proportions punishable by
hanging and drawn and quartered if challenged or trespassed.

However...there is NO LAW that protects tender sensibilities of the easily
offended. There is NO constitutional law that guarantees anyone freedom of
being offended. Political correctness was invented I think, for those who
are too mealy mouthed to take a stand or opinion for fear they may lose a
vote. Personally I am not running for office.. Neither is Mark. And if by
exercising first amendment rights someone is unfortunately offended ( well
someone is going to be offended. Some people go out of their way to be
offended...), then I would say get a thicker hide or remove yourself from
the offending party/material. I do not think Mark shoved it under anyone's

Mark works hard to develop his site. It is a labor of love for him I think.
It OFFENDS me that someone would carelessly defame his dedication to this
hobby as " god-modering".

And Rob.. if you are good I will share my Gobstoppers :-)


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> Mark Bostick wrote
> >I would purchase a couple magazines and usually some Wally Wonka candy.
> That's Willy Wonka Mark.
> The comic I can take take but this is war.
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> Rob Wesel
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> We are the music makers...and we
> are the dreamers of the dreams.
> Willy Wonka, 1971
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