[meteorite-list] Franconia Wash Meteorite (8.35 pounds) new pics - last day for offers!

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Just a thought Mike on what might be the problem !

Franconia Wash - Arizona
Feature Name: Franconia Wash
Feature Type: stream
State: Arizona
County: Mohave
Latitude: 34.73778
Longitude: -114.25833

Doug Dawn

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Bernhard, something is wrong here, Franconia is a place in Arizona, and it is north of Lake Havasu, I thinkl the guy either cant spell or doesnt know which state he is in.
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Subject: [meteorite-list] Franconia Wash Meteorite (8.35 pounds) new pics - last day for offers!

on behalf of the finder, I still accept bids for the 8.35 pounds oriented remaglypted meteorite that was found on his property near Franconia Wash (north of Lake Havalu).
Once again, here is the pic of the meteorite:
A list member asked for pics showing the bottom of the meteorite, and the finder sent me these two pics:
I don't want to tell you what the highest offer is (I think it is not common habit when offering something the way I do). All I can say that "let's try my luck" won't win anymore :-). But serious and reasonable offers are still welcome and do have a chance. Rest assured that I, as middle man in this deal, do not take part in the offering (though my mouth is quite wet *g*).
I close this offer on Saturday noon EST, and I will put the one with the highest offer in contact with the finder. Good luck!
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