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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:54 2004
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Before I started selling thin sections I went to all
of the major places (Including mining companies) that
made thin sections commercially and started using the
place where a major meteorite scientists told me was
I never took the word of who made them. I had some
made from various places (Spent over $1000 on this
research) and then got long term meteorite scientists
to pass them.
Over the past few years a lot of scientists and
serious hobyists have seen my thin section and if
there was a wholesale problem with my thin sections I
would know about it. I have had two individuals
familiar with thin sections tell me that they have
seen all of the thin sections that are regularly
commercially sold to meteorite collectors and the only
one that comes close to my quality is the ones that
Michael Blood sells (And Bloods generally have cover
slips which means that they are not suitable for
classification work - but the quality is there).
My thin sections have been used by numerous
institutions for classification work and I havent herd
It should be noted that the Hubes have this habit of
attacking other people who walk on their turf in
Morocco. Just yesterday the Hubes started talkig about
Farmers new LL6/7 in light of questioning it publicly.
A professional wouldent have done that. You wont see
Jeff Groosman doing that even if he did have
suspicions that the classification was wrong. If Jeff
questioned it he would ask in private to see more data
and why this classification was made. I dont think
that anybody believes that the Hubes effort here was
for anything other than to deep six farmers sale of
his new meteorite. They may indeed turn out to be
right or they may not. But a profesional with honest
intentions wouldent have done that yesterday in the
middle of farmers sale. It was another email designed
to hurt farmer.
This might be a good time to point out that I have
always considered the hubes to be good friends but
last month I bought 10 achondrites out from under them
(Including that 474 gram "Twisted sister" meteorite
that I bought from the people that normally deal with
the hubes in morocco - how come only the Hubes come up
with cutsy names like that. I wonder if "Twisted
Sister" will get mentioned in the met bulletin - and
does the tune "we're not going to take it" come daning
in your mind when you see the hubes meteorites). Last
week I bought a large number more achondrites in
Morocco - some of which the Hubes have been trying to
buy that I bought out from under them. I spent about
$35,000 on this stuff (Many from the Hubes regular
suppliers) and for the first time I suspect the Hubes
are looking at me as a serious threat because
typically I just stick to the cheap stuff that I can
sell quickly for 20 cents a gram and just ignore the
achondrites when they offer them to me. There is a 20
kilo lot of the CV3 kicking around morocco right now
that both me and the Hubes (And various other dealers)
have been trying to buy.
As we all know from reading past list discussions the
Hubes play dirty when they experience competation.
Just look at all of the unprovoked attacks that Farmer
has had to put up with over the past year from the
Hubes. I suspect that since I have made several
purchases from the people in Morocco who the Hubes
consider "their" connections that I will now also
regularly become more of a target of the Hubes BS.
Just see if the Hubes make more list comments about my
stuff over the next 6 months. This wouldent happen if
I never bought from their connections in morocco. But
thats not going to prevent me from buying from the
Hubes sources in morocco in the future if I get
offered a good deal.
I realize that when adam wakes up that he is going to
stagger around in a drunken stuper and then write
something else condemming something that I sell but
this will be my last email on the topic. I dont wish
to carry this further. I have been a part of enough
mud slinging contests on this list and I dont have a
desire to get serious into another one. To many people
have left (Or no longer post) to this list already
because of various fights that I somehow am often a
part of (Although I have never provoked any - you know
you are considered a "problem" when you get attacked.
Sort of a rite of passage in the meteorite world it
seems). When Adam wakes up he can huff and puff and
rant and rave and cry like a baby. But I wont come
back for more and I wont stop buying from the Hubes
sources in morocco.
My sincerest apologies to list members who have to yet
again put up with this crap. I made a single list
posting yesterday advertising my stuff for sale on
ebay and had no idea that I would get an unprovoked
attack from somebody who I have always considered a
friend. This whole thread should have been a single
posting about my sale. New unknowledgable collectors
dont spend $50 on thin sections. About half my thin
sections goes to people with petrology experience. I
am not taking the word of the guy who makes them as to
their high quality. I am taking the word of a good
portion of the worlds top meteorite experts.
And this will be my last posting on this topic.
So, how bout those leafs?

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