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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:54 2004
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I dont know where you are getting your information but
I have sent my thin sections to 6 or 7 seperate
institutions for classification work and they have all
come back saying how high the quality is. One
institution even asked me if I was interested in
making a deal to make their thin sections for them
after seeing the sections that I have. I had to turn
them down though because of a very long turnaround
Maybe you should get some scientist to look at them
who actually got experience dealing with thin
scetions. Scientists from most of the worlds major
institutions have seen my thin sections and nobody
ever commented that they were not up to par. Just the
opposite actually. Comments are always about how good
they are.
Is this another one of your attack ads that you
typically make against other dealers meteorites after
you decide that you want to sell something similar
also and dont like other dealers competing with you?
You know, somehow over hype all the overpriced stuff
that you sell just to sell the story so that you can
charge double for your meteorites? You planning on
selling thin sections anytime soon? That would explein
your dislike of my thin sections.
I will go with what some of the worlds top scientists
think rather than somebody who spends his time trying
to think up the next best story to tack on to his
My thin sections are second to none and you know it.

--- Adam Hupe <adamhupe_at_comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi Dean and List,
> Not to cut down your thin-sections Dean but you are
> being mislead by your
> supplier as you quote these as being the best
> quality there is and claiming
> they are suitable for classification work. We
> forwarded some of your
> material with your thin-sections to two different
> laboratories. These were
> supplied to us by a couple of your customers who are
> also List members who
> purchased the stones with thin sections from you on
> ebay. Both laboratories
> reported back that they are not suitably calibrated
> for petrologic work and
> one said "It was like surfing a mountain range while
> studying one on a
> Microprobe". The thin-sections had to be calibrated
> using quartz crystals
> and repolished by another laboratory. I think its
> time to find another
> supplier or stop claiming these are suitable for
> study as this topic has
> come up several times in the past behind the scenes.
> Just like that nickel test kit that gives false
> positives I hate to see
> collectors mislead by accident or otherwise. I
> believe you believe these
> are of the highest quality because that is what you
> have been told by your
> supplier. You may want to ask your supplier for
> references regarding
> laboratories involved in meteoritics. I also
> believe you are honest, just
> misinformed.
> Kind Regards,
> Adam
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> > I have listed over 3 dozen thin sections on ebay -
> > many unclassified with the complete stone. These
> are
> > listed under my ebay id AZTECFEAST and if you
> click
> > the store icon and then THIN SECTIONS you will get
> > just the thin sections and not everything else
> mixed
> > in.
> > Some nice ones there
> > Sincerely
> > www.meteoriteshop.com
> > :
> > PS:
> > You can try this long convuleted URL here which
> should
> > bring you to just the thin sections but if it dont
> > work just use the instructions above
> >
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