[meteorite-list] The "Old Woman" Meteorite, updates III, IV, and V ;-)

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:53 2004
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Dear Tom,
Can you offer any place where I can get a copy of this 250 pounds law?
This pertains to petrified wood, but I had not heard of this being
applied to meteorites.
Dave Freeman

Tom aka James Knudson wrote:

>Hello Adam and list, to me the answer is simple! Today's BLM laws say you
>can collect 250 lbs of meteorites a year on BLM land, no permits, no
>nothing, 250 lbs of meteorites a year are yours! If you find a iron paired
>with the old woman under 250lbs take it home! If you find one over, bring a
>saw and take 250 lbs slices home a year! You can not legally sale you BLM
>finds, but you can trade them or keep them! This here info is fact! : )
>Thanks, Tom
>peregrineflier <><
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>Dear List,
>We are looking for some advice. Say a pairing was found to the Old Woman
>iron meteorite. What would be the best course of action?
>1.) Donate it to the BLM Desert Discovery Center.
>2.) Donate it to the Smithsonian.
>3.) Withhold it from the BLM.
>4.) Try to prove a point by taking the BLM to court and risk loosing.
>5.) Keep it and not say a word.
>6.) Announce it the press and see what happens.
>7.) None of the above.
>All the best,
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] The "Old Woman" Meteorite, updates III, IV, and
>V ;-)
> A few times over the years I've posted bits and pieces regarding the saga
>of the "Old Woman", the wonderful large (2,750 kg!) IIAB iron meteorite from
>the mountains of San Bernardino County, which has had a colorful legal
>history, and which has mostly recently resided at the Desert Discovery
>Center in Barstow, CA.
> http://members.aol.com/sharkkb8/oldwoman.jpg
> Every time I would drive through the Mojave desert to-or-from Las Vegas or
>wherever, I would stop and check up on it, usually speaking with either a
>very sweet, older woman or her son, the two of whom seemed to be
>single-handedly (and on an essentially volunteer-basis) trying to keep the
>Center afloat. They both expressed unconcealed frustration at getting the
>cooperation, funding, and staffing necessary to keep the Center going. A
>few visits ago, the woman had died, and her son's frustration level had
>greatly increased, to the point where he was pacing and muttering and seemed
>really quite agitated at the subject of dealing with (according to him) the
>bureaucracy and noncooperation of the BLM.
> On my next trip some months later, the Center's doors were padlocked, no
>operating hours were posted, and the surrounding area had clearly not even
>been swept up recently. Looking through the glass, I could see that the
>meteorite was still within, but obviously no attention was being paid to the
> In a pleasantly-surprising reversal, when I just stopped by yesterday
>afternoon, the Center was not only open, but the displays had been updated
>and spruced up considerably. Schoolchildren's posters and drawings of the
>meteorite adorned the walls. I wandered around for a while and never did
>run into anyone who appeared to be in charge of the premises, perhaps it was
>a moment when they were "in the back" at lunch or something.
> So this is the view from an "outsider"....I'm wondering if anyone has any
>news from within, about the status of the building, the meteorite, or who's
>now running the show, regarding this California treasure.
> Bob V.? (You've been the Old Woman "Answer-Man" for these posts in the
> Gregory
> J. Gregory Wilson
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