[meteorite-list] Tiny Bubbles in NWA 1817

From: Don Shervey <eagle1_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:52 2004
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Hello Bernd and List,

Thank you very much for your very clear and logical explanation. Not sure
why the problem with accessing the photos on yahoo, but here is a link to a
different site that should work.


Thanks again for sharing your amazing knowledge of meteorites.

Best regards,

Don Shervey

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Tiny Bubbles in NWA 1817

> Hello Don and List,
> > examining a piece of Mesosiderite NWA 1817...I found
> > a small cavity in an inclusion with tiny gas bubbles.
> > The inclusion has a fairly dark matrix, but the little
> > cavity is filled with a very clear glass like material
> > and several bubbles are clearly visible.
> Although your file is momentarily inaccessible, I wouldn't be
> too surprised to find such bubbles and glass-like material in
> NWA 1817, as it is described as having a "plutonic, igneous
> texture" (Met.Bull. 88, 2004).
> This mesosiderite will have crystallized from a molten magma
> (igneous) deep down in its asteroidal parent body (plutonic)
> and dissolved gases will have caused these bubbles when the
> material was transported to the surface by volcanic activity.
> Just a guess ... any comments?
> Best wishes,
> Bernd
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