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From: David Weir <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:52 2004
Message-ID: <>

Hello Joern,

Based on the conventions followed by the NomCom as stated in the intro
to every Bulletin,

"For chondrite groups, petrologic types, shock stages, and weathering
grades, slashes (e.g., H5/6) indicate transitional assignments. Hyphens
in petrologic type assignments for chondrites (e.g., H5-6) indicate the
range of types observed in breccias. Group names such as "L(LL)"
indicate uncertain assignments, with the less probable group in

If this convention is followed, then the listing for Dhofar 428 in the
Bulletin as an H(L)5 means that it is not a transitional member as your
MetBase listing as H/L5 would imply. Likewise, DaG 591 is listed in the
Bulletin as H(L)6, which also does not indicate a transitional member as
your H/L6 listing indicates, and DaG 369 is listed in the Bulletin as
L(H)3 rather than your H/L3.5. Because classifications are always being
refined, and the Bulletin rarely makes any changes, can I presume that
you have other research sources for these different classifications? I
would love to add these transitional types to my systematic collection.

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