[meteorite-list] Re: Blueberries - are they miniature Moqui Marbles

From: Ron Baalke <baalke_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:52 2004
Message-ID: <200403191652.IAA10482_at_zagami.jpl.nasa.gov>

> We could use some help here. Several of us are having
> a discussion about these new reports and the use of
> the words "concretion" and "precipitation". A lot of
> people that I have talked to think that these
> "blueberries" are oolitic in nature, meaning that they
> are formed under standing bodies of water.
> My impression is that these "spherules" are
> concretionary (see definiton, below).

Here is the response from Joy Crisp, MER project scientist:

  The science team thinks that they are concretions, not oolites. They
  appear to be secondary.

  They are randomly distributed within the rock outcrop, not more abundant
  in particular layers. They do not displace the bedding and laminations.

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