[meteorite-list] Amgala versus Zag versus DJERMAIA

From: Michel Franco <michel_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:50 2004
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Dear list

I have identified a new individual of the historic fall Djermaia, 25 feb
1961, Chad. Only 2 meteorites are known from this country. And only one
Fall, Djermaia.

It is a H xenolitic Gas rich chondrite, in pristine state of conservation.
regmaglypts, fusion crust of course and flow lines .

The new individual is 2947 g see: www.caillou-noir.com/Djermaia.html

I have sliced off a end cut 95 g and showed it at MNHN in Paris where is
stored the type Specimen of this fall. Michèle Bourot Denise has examined
carfully my end cut and the Djermaia specimen: she is formal about the new
individual I have ( for sale ) it is a new Djermaia Fall stone. She asked me
to make a declaration with her comments at the Nom Com, what I did today.

The Djermaia Fall declared TKW is 1 kg but Bob Haag has a 3.7 kg stone of
Djermaia according his catalog.

I have left a 2835 g individual for sale. With TKW estimated below 8 kg and
prices according what I ready on the list: I may expect offers above $ 7 per

If anyone is tented, I will consider them, I am entitled to sell this
meteorite by its owner, Michel Husson.

Best regards.


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Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Amgala versus Zag

> Hello All,
> At first glance Amgala is somewhat similar looking to Zag. I do not
> it is going to classify as a regolith breccia but rather a polymict
> Unlike Zag, no type 3 areas have been identified. Two laboratories are
> currently studying Amgala and neither one has observed water bearing
> minerals although some interesting clasts have been found which we will
> report on later. Another party suggested halite because ~10% of the most
> recently collected broken stones show some oxidation and this would help
> explain this. This was mentioned to a scientists who felt there maybe
> water bearing halite but none was found thus far.
> As far as the price dropping into the $5.00 to $7.00 a gram range it is
> doubtful because there is less than 12 kilograms TKW, fully which half has
> already been sold to collectors for between $7.50 a gram for fragments and
> $12.00 a gram for fully crusted specimens. Add the fact the seventh and
> final trip to the area by our Moroccan partners only produced five stones
> making it less than cost effective to return to the region. The last trip
> did not produce enough material to cover the rental rig or diesel costs.
> All indications are that this is a very small fall with precious little
> material coming out. After all, nomads avoid this area and soldiers have
> been methodically searching it for four months now. Only the soldiers
> which areas are safe and which are not and they are done searching because
> of the lack of new finds associated with this fall.
> We incurred communication, transportation, purchase material, sample
> material, supplies, shipping and lab fee costs making this a very
> undertaking. The fact that 26% of the recovered stones which we paid the
> high field price for turned out to be a black chondrite not related to
> fall increased our acquisition costs by nearly the same percentage. Add
> of this together and it was a costly ordeal chasing this one down.
> We will update as lab results come in which promise to be interesting.
> All the best,
> Adam
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Amgala versus Zag
> > Hello All,
> >
> > Yesterday I received a small individual of Amgala from the Hupes that
> probably an individual broken in half. While most of the piece has a
> beautiful black crust, the broken face was quite oxidized, so I decided to
> cut that end off today to see the inside. As stated by Mike and Adam,
> is a nice breccia with lots of metal. To me it looks a lot like a fresh
> piece of Zag with it's lightened H6 areas in contrast with the darker
> H4 +/- areas. The darker areas have that same blueish grey look to it as
> does with lighter chunks and chondrules mixed in. Is Amgala a water
> meteorite too? The metal I've seen in Zag is more homogeneous, while the
> piece of Amgala I have has more patches of metal in it, especially in the
> lighter H6 like parts. Amgala's crust is little better than the nicer
> pieces of Zag I have.
> >
> > The amazing thing to me is that they fell in the exact same region of
> Africa... and look very similar...IMHO.
> >
> > All in all Amgala is very nice, but I can see this meteorite eventually
> falling into the $5 to $7 range like most other falls these days...except
> Park Forest that is. The present pricing of $8 to 12/g seems too high to
> me...but then again I bought a piece for $10/g while it is still new to us
> all. :)
> >
> > Reporting in on Amgala,
> >
> > John
> >
> >
> >
> >
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