[meteorite-list] OT: Manganese nodule auction

From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:50 2004
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Hello Jose and List,

I found the possibility of recovering manganese nodule
from depths of only "50m" to be very intriguing, so I
searched a little more deeper on the Internet. But I
failed to find that claim to be supported anywhere in
the literature. Even 500m is much too shallow of a
depth for manganese nodule formation. I found several
references which reported these nodules having been
found at depths of 5000 feet.

Would it be possible to find that newspaper article
that you made reference to? Because if it were truly
possible to recover those nodules from that shallow of
a depth, it would make the "mining" of that form of
ore much more economically possible.

What I did find were more reports which confirmed that
these nodule are very POROUS, which convinces me that
the item up for auction is NOT a ferromanganese
nodule, regardless of questions about depth of
formation. The density of this item is more
suggestive of something much more commonly found on
eBay: "sulfide slag" !!

What I hope results from all this OT discussion, is
that the "winning" bidder for this item gets it
properly identified and the results are finally
published here on the List.
Bob V.
Searched the web for manganese nodule find depth -
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,960. Search took 0.31

25 Manganese
... ship required to recover something from such great
depth without the ... ship, the Glomar Explorer, and
sent it to find, um, um, manganese nodules, that's
right ...

Oceanic Sediments
... US in response to interest in manganese mining in
... Phosphate precipitates as nodules
or crust, composed principally ... So where do you
find reducing conditions in ...

[PDF] New evidence of microbe origin for
ferromanganese nodules from the ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... Therefore, to find microbe bodies acting as
constructors of the ... In different manganese
nodules and even in different parts of the same
nodule, the two ...

MSN Encarta - Search View - Ocean and Oceanography
... you type, so if you don’t find your choice ...
Antarctic Bottom water, and hence flows
at less depth. ... has been expressed recently in
manganese nodules, which are ...

    MSN Encarta - Search View - Pacific Ocean ...
type, so if you don’t find your choice ... The
greatest known depth in any of the world's ... the
ocean floor are covered with “manganese nodules,”
potato-sized ...

[PDF] Chapter 5 Parameters And Standards for Assessing
Sedimentary and ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
FACIES IN ... environmental parameters were controlled
by water depth. Another finding concerned the
inclination of ...

American Forum - Ocean Resources, Country Profiles
... miles, which would prevent access to nodules
within 200 ... is already beginning to take manganese
from the ... poor country desperately attempting to
find the capital ...

[PDF] OCEANOGRAPHY 201 Spring 2001 Exam 1 - Section 1
Section ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as
HTML... pick the best answer 1. At 400 km depth in a
Wadati-Benioff zone one would expect to find: a) deep
earthquake foci b) andesite c) manganese nodules d)
shallow ...

Chapter 5: Sediments
... Explain the Carbonate Compensation Depth. ... Why
do we find oceanic deposits where we do ... well as
reef debris HYDROGENOUS SEDIMENTS 1. Manganese nodules
(deep ocean ...

Journal of NIRE
... with the experimental results to find that the ...
of air flow rate, air injection depth,
and back ... submerged pump lift equipment for
manganese nodule mining system. ...

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FW: [meteorite-list] OT: Manganese nodule auction
Jose Campos josecamposcomet_at_netcabo.pt
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 23:57:24 -0000

Hi Bob Verish and List,

The reference made to "rare manganese nodule samples
from 3000 meters deep
on the Pacific Ocean floor", reminds me of when I used
to live in South Africa, I recall having read in a
local Durban newspaper, about this south african group
of sea-divers who, - some 2 years before South West
Africa (which at the time, was a South African
Protectorate), became an independent country in 1990,
as Namibia, - they were given a licence to explore a
portion of the sea-floor along the Skeleton Coast, and
they used ships with powerfull pumps and pipes to
vacuum the sea bed, near the coast, for lots of
manganese nodules, most in 50 meter deep water - if my
memory serves me correct.


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"Meteorite: SuperRare Manganese nuggets from the


The link above shows a manganese nodule, which is more
like I remember how they look. The light-colored
shiny interior of the specimen in the eBay auction
looks every bit like the kind of meteorwrongs that I
have been seeing a lot of lately, and which we have
given the collective name:
"sulfide slag"
as described on Ken Newton's web page:


Caveat Emptor,
Bob V.
P.S. - Searched the web for manganese nodule.
Results 1 - 10 of about 4,920.

Welcome to Manganese-Nodule.Net ! Please click here to
continue ! Description: Portal giving links to all
major institutions and companies involved with
manganese nodules (prospecting,...
Category: Science > Technology > Mining

Manganese Nodules
... Here's your chance to have a rare manganese nodule
sample from 3000 meters
deep on the Pacific Ocean floor. ... Manganese Nodules
JPT-MANG2 $32.00. ...

NGDC/WDC MGG, Boulder-Scripps Inst of Oceanography
Ferromanganese ...
... Scripps Institution of Oceanography Ferromanganese
Nodule Analysis File. view gif
image of ferromanganese nodule. ... NAME OF DATA SET:
SIO Mn Nodule Analysis File. ...

NGDC/WDC MGG, Boulder-Scripps Inst of Oceanography
Manganese ...
... Scripps Institution of Oceanography Manganese
Nodule Sediment Description File.
cross section of ferromanganese nodule. NGDC Data Set
# MGG15995015(00250). ...
[ More results from www.ngdc.noaa.gov ]

Welcome to the world wide web portal for everything on
manganese nodules
and related topics. What are Manganese Nodules ? -
Introduction. ...


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