[meteorite-list] Amgala versus Zag

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Dear Bernd, John and List members,

I thought one distinction made for a regolith breccia is that there are
signs of crystal damage caused by the solar winds. In Zag and Howardites I
believe this shows up as darker areas. I also read somewhere that Zag has
four lithologies. No such crystal alterations has been reported in Amgala.

All the best,


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> > As for polymict versus regolith breccia ... can these two terms be
> > interchangeable? A polymict breccia is made up of clasts/fragments
> > of different materials probably caused by a impact mixing, while a
> > regolith breccia implies a breccia formed at the surface with a mixture
> > of different materials caused by impacts. A regolith breccia might be
> > considered a special type of polymict breccia.
> Hello again,
> In Met.Bull. 87, 2003 July, p. A196, the Dhofar 310 lunar meteorite is
> described as "a fragmental regolith breccia", and, on page A30 of the
> same issue, it is described as a "polymict breccia".
> Reference:
> DEMIDOVA S.I. et al. (2003) Lunar meteorite Dhofar 310: A polymict
> breccia with deep-seated lunar crustal material (MAPS 38-7, 2003, A030).
> Best wishes,
> Bernd
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