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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:49 2004
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> As for polymict versus regolith breccia ... can these two terms be
> interchangeable? A polymict breccia is made up of clasts/fragments
> of different materials probably caused by a impact mixing, while a
> regolith breccia implies a breccia formed at the surface with a mixture
> of different materials caused by impacts. A regolith breccia might be
> considered a special type of polymict breccia.

Hello again,

In Met.Bull. 87, 2003 July, p. A196, the Dhofar 310 lunar meteorite is
described as "a fragmental regolith breccia", and, on page A30 of the
same issue, it is described as a "polymict breccia".


DEMIDOVA S.I. et al. (2003) Lunar meteorite Dhofar 310: A polymict
breccia with deep-seated lunar crustal material (MAPS 38-7, 2003, A030).

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